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Harvestella: How To Fish

Here's a detailed guide on how to fish in Harvestella

Harvestella is a daily-life simulation game developed by Live Wire and published by Square Enix. There are tons of activities to do in this game and one of them is fishing. Fishes can be a source of food or the in-game currency, Grilla. In this article, we will tell you how to fish in Harvestella.


How to Fish in Harvestella

Fishing Points in Harvestella Map

Unlike other daily-life simulator games, fishing isn’t readily available to you. You will have to unlock it. The good news is that you won’t need to worry about buying fishing rods. You will receive one when you open this activity. You can unlock Fishing by buying the Fishing Guide from the General Store.

Unlock Fishing

  • Head over to the Lethe Village entrance
  • Go to the second building to your right. That’s the General Store
  • Buy the book called Fishing Knowledge for 800 Grilla
  • And voila! Fishing is unlocked

Note that the General Store is open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM in-game. If the shop is closed then don’t panic. A day in this game lasts for around real-life 30 minutes so you can return when the store opens


After this, you can head over to any fishing spot and start fishing. These spots are available throughout the game. Open up your map and you will see a fish icon labeled Fishing Point. Go to one of the Fishing Points and you will have a marker that you can interact with. Once you interact with this marker, your character will use the fishing rod to cast a line. Now, this part gets a little tricky. You will have to be patient while you catch a fish. Sometimes you will get a bite in no time but sometimes it may take a while. You will notice your bobber gently move in the water. Do not pull in the line when you see that. Wait for a big splash and that’s when you press the interaction button (A on Switch; Right-click on PC). And that’s how you catch a fish in this game.

You can use this fish as a meal and restore your health and stamina or you can sell it for some Grilla. There are multiple types of fish available in this game so we suggest you try as many fishing points as you can to catch them all. You can then determine which fishes sell for the most.


That’s all from us on how to fish in Harvestella. We have more helpful guides on our page GamerTweak so check it out soon.