Infinite Craft: How To Make Twins (Recipe Guide)

Twins can be easily created in Infinite Craft. Here’s the complete recipe you can follow to make this element.

In this browser crafting game, players can take on a challenge to create unique items and discover rare elements. From art supplies like Paint, Rubber, and Glue to video games like Valorant, Dark Souls, and Rocket League, you can truly craft anything you desire, as the possibilities are endless. That being said, many players have been wondering how they can make Twins in Infinite Craft.

Apart from being easy to craft, this element is immensely useful. You can use it as an ingredient while making Triplets, Quadruplets, Gemini, Clones, etc. Here’s the complete recipe you can follow in order to get this element.

How to Get Twins in Infinite Craft

How To Get Twins In Infinite Craft
Image Credits – Neal.Fun

You can get Twins by following a few simple steps. Additionally, this particular recipe will help you generate a ton of unique elements like Fjord, Whale, Baby, Pregnant, and much more. Here are all the combinations you need to merge to get this element in Infinite Craft.

  1. Mix Earth and Earth to get Mountain.
  2. Add Water and Water to make Lake.
  3. Mix Earth and Lake to create Fjord.
  4. Combine Water and Fjord to craft Whale.
  5. Add Earth and Wind to make Dust.
  6. Take the Dust you just created and combine it with Whale to get Sperm.
  7. Mix Dust and Sperm to craft Baby.
  8. Combine Baby and Sperm to create Pregnant.
  9. For the final step, add Pregnant and Pregnant to make Twins.

Best Crafting Recipes with Twins in Infinite Craft

  • Twins + Human = Triplets
  • Twins + Twins = Quadruplets
  • Twins + Quadruplets = Octuplets
  • Twins + Octuplets = 10
  • Twins + Mom = Octomom
  • Twins + Earth = Gemini
  • Twins + Fog = Clones
  • Twins + Clones = Clone Wars
  • Twins + Clone Wars = Star Wars
  • Twins + Seasons = Spring
  • Twins + Farm = Twin Towers
  • Twins + Field = Twin Peaks
  • Twins + Television = Patty and Selma
  • Twins + Dandelion = Dandelions
  • Twins + Mud = Siamese

We have covered everything you need to know if you want to create Twins in Infinite Craft. Make sure to check out how you can get Evolution, Sports, Alcohol, and all our other combinations and recipes, available here on Gamer Tweak.