How To Make A Fjord In Infinite Craft (Recipes And Combo)

Here’s the Recipe and Combination for creating a Fjord in Infinite Craft.

With the right Recipes and Combinations, players can create anything they want in Infinite Craft. If you ask me, I would mostly create something that gives pleasure to my eyes, like a Fjord. You might be wondering that the steps for making it will be complex. In reality, making Fjord is easier than making New York and Japan. I mean, if you get the inputs right then you can create it in less than 5 steps. And all you will need is your base elements like Earth and Water. Sounds intriguing, right?

So in this guide, I will explain how you can make a Fjord in Infinite Craft. Plus, I will also help you figure out what else to make with a Fjord. Be sure to stick around till the end.

Here’s How to Make a Fjord in Infinite Craft

How To Make A Fjord In Infinite Craft
Mixing a Mountain and Lake to create a Fjord in Infinite Craft. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

To make a Fjord in Infinite Craft, you will have to mix a Mountain and a Lake. In case you still haven’t unlocked a Mountain and Lake, here’s how to get them and eventually a Fjord too:

  • Earth + Earth = Mountain
  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Mountain + Lake = Fjord

Now that you have a Fjord in Infinite Craft, you can use it to make several other stuff. For your reference, we will mention a few of them below.

What to Make Using a Fjord in Infinite Craft

  • Fjord + Fjord = Glacier
  • Fjord + Glacier = Iceberg
  • Fjord + Devil = Troll
  • Fjord + Water = Whale
  • Fjord + God = Thor
  • Fjord + Jesus = Viking
  • Fjord + Star = Aurora
  • Fjord + Phone = Fjone
  • Fjord + Country = Norway
  • Fjord + Aquaman = Poseidon
  • Fjord + Car = Ferry
  • Fjord + New York = Brooklyn

The above is just a gist of the things that you can make using Fjord in Infinite Craft. To explore more possibilities, keep playing the game.

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