How To Make Phone And iPhone In Infinite Craft (Recipe)

Not sure how to make a Phone or an iPhone in Infinite Craft? Here’s the combination that can help you get both of them.

With endless possibilities in hand, you can literally make anything that you want in Infinite Craft. From complex things like a TV and Computer to smaller devices like a Phone and an iPhone, you can create them all. Actually, once you make a normal Phone, you can use that as an ingredient to create an iPhone too. All you need is the right set of combinations.

In this guide, we will explain how you can create both, an iPhone and a Phone in Infinite Craft. Not only that, we also tell you what else you can create using them. So let’s get started.

How to Make a Phone in Infinite Craft

How to Make a Phone in Infinite Craft
Mixing Call and Human to get a Phone in Infinite Craft. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

To make a Phone in Infinite Craft, you will have to mix Human and Call. While both of these ingredients are not available since the beginning, here’s how to get both of them and eventually a Phone:

  • Recipe for Making Human
    • Earth + Wind = Dust
    • Dust + Wind = Sandstorm
    • Dust + Earth = Planet
    • Planet + Sandstorm = Mars
    • Earth + Mars = Life
    • Life + Dust = Human
  • Recipe for Making Call
    • Dust + Earth = Planet
    • Planet + Fire = Sun
    • Sun + Sun = Sunflower
    • Fire + Wind = Smoke
    • Smoke + Sunflower = Smoke Signal
    • Smoke Signal + Wind = Message
    • Message + Smoke Signal = Telegram
    • Telegram + Wind = Telephone
    • Telephone + Human = Call

Now that you have created both a Human and Call, mix them both to get a Phone in Infinite Craft:

  • Human + Call = Phone

As I was saying, the Phone is a primary ingredient in making an iPhone. So use this combination with the Phone to make an iPhone.

Here’s How to Make an iPhone in Infinite Craft

How to Make an iPhone in Infinite Craft
Mixing a Phone and Apple to get an iPhone in Infinite Craft. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

You will have to mix Apple and Phone to make an iPhone in Infinite Craft. Since you already have a Phone, follow these steps to make an Apple:

  • Earth + Water = Plant
  • Plant + Plant = Tree
  • Plant + Wind = Dandelion
  • Dandelion + Wind = Seed
  • Tree + Seed = Apple

After unlocking Apple, combine it with a Phone to get an iPhone in Infinite Craft. With both of them being unlocked now, use them to create more new stuff. For example, mix an iPhone with Music to get an iPod, etc.

What to Make Using Phone and iPhone in Infinite Craft

Below is a list of those few things that you can make with Phone and iPhone in this game:

  • Phone + Human = Selfie
  • Phone + Call = Answer
  • Phone + Car = Uber
  • Phone + Angel = Hotline
  • Phone + Empire = Smartphone
  • iPhone + Text Message = IMessage
  • iPhone + Country = China
  • iPhone + New York = iPhone 5
  • iPhone + iPhone 5 = iPhone 6

If you mix iPhone and iPhone 6 then you will get iPhone 6s. Adding one more iPhone will get you further models. Sounds intriguing, right? For more such fun combinations, be sure to check out our other Recipes and Combinations.