How To Make Pirate In Infinite Craft (Recipe)

Looking for the step-by-step recipe to create Pirate in Infinite Craft? Here is all you need to do for it.

Infinite Craft is a game of endless possibilities. You can create an Ocean, Lake, Paradise, Heaven, and even Angel. Depending on which ingredient you are using, you will end up with something that can take you across the sea and improve the life of your creation. Among many of these combinations is an infamous Pirate element you use in the recipe of Monkey D Luffy.

With no surprise, it is also used for creating Captain Hook and Treasure. So, if you haven’t yet made it, here are the ingredients and steps you can follow to obtain it.

How to Make a Pirate in Infinite Craft

How to Make a Pirate in Infinite Craft
Image Credit: Neal.Fun

To get Pirate, combine Ship + Ocean in Infinite Craft.

Use this combination to make Ocean:

  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Lake = Ocean

Use this combination to make Ship:

  • Earth + Earth = Mountain
  • Mountain + Fire = Volcano
  • Earth + Water = Plant
  • Plant + Plant = Tree
  • Tree + Tree = Forest
  • Forest + Tree = Wood
  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Lake = Ocean
  • Wood + Ocean = Boat
  • Boat + Ocean = Ship

Now combine Ship + Ocean to get Pirate. Apart from the above recipe, you can also create the Pirate by mixing Rich and Ocean. You get Rich by mixing Human and Money. Money you get from the Tree and Wish. Wish is made from the Dandelion and Tree. The Tree is a combination of two Plant, and the Dandelion is created with Wind and Plant. As for the Plant, it is made by combining Earth and Water.

To make Human, you can combine Adam and Eve. Eve is made from God and Adam. Adam is made with Mud and God. Lastly, God is obtained from various recipes, many of which you will find in our linked guide.

Recipes That Use Pirate in Infinite Craft

Recipes That Use Pirate in Infinite Craft
Image Credit: Neal.Fun

Here are some examples of what you can obtain by combining Pirate with other ingredients:

  • Pirate + Pirate = Pirate Ship
  • Rich + Pirate = Treasure
  • Treasure + Pirate = Chest
  • Ship + Pirate = Captain
  • Captain + Pirate = Captain Hook
  • Flower + Pirate = Rose
  • Dandelion + Pirate = Parrot
  • Parrot + Pirate = Polly
  • Uranus + Pirate = Piranha
  • Monster + Pirate = Kraken
  • Kraken + Pirate = Sushi
  • Cactus + Pirate = Desert
  • Robot + Pirate = Cyborg
  • Vulcan + Pirate = Spock
  • Frankenstein + Pirate = Frankenstein’s Monster
  • Trident + Pirate = Poseidon
  • Speed + Pirate = Ninja
  • King Kong + Pirate = Captain Kong
  • Vampire + Pirate = Dracula
  • Nether Portal + Pirate = Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Sandbox + Pirate = Sandman
  • Computer + Pirate = Hacker
  • Pyramid + Pirate = Mummy
  • Slave + Pirate = Slavery
  • Chimney + Pirate = Santa

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