How To Make People In Infinite Craft (Recipe & Combinations)

The more the merrier! Here are some simple steps you can follow to make People in Infinite Craft.

You can unleash your creativity and experiment with numerous elements to create anything you wish in Infinite Craft. However, since players have to start out with limited elements like Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth, it becomes difficult to navigate complex recipes. That being said, if you have already crafted some of the easier recipes like Human, you must be looking for a way to make People.

This recipe will help you unlock a bunch of rare, group-related elements, which can be extremely useful. If you need help understanding how you can make it, here’s everything you need to do to craft this element in Infinite Craft.

How to Get People in Infinite Craft

How To Get People In Infinite Craft
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The recipe to make People is easy and only consists of 10 steps. Apart from this, you will also be able to get several other unique elements like Mountain, Fjord, Balloon, Pop, etc., while completing this crafting process. Here are all the combinations you will have to use to get your desired element.

  1. Mix Water + Water to get Lake.
  2. Add Water + Earth to make Plant.
  3. Mix Earth and Earth to create Mountain.
  4. Combine Wind and Plant to craft Dandelion.
  5. Add Lake + Mountain to make Fjord.
  6. Take Water and combine it with Dandelion to get Wine.
  7. Mix Earth + Fjord to create Land.
  8. Combine Wind + Wine to craft Balloon.
  9. Add Fire and Balloon to get Pop.
  10. For the final step, combine Land + Pop to make People.

All Crafting Recipes with People in Infinite Craft

  • People + People = Village
  • People + Village = Town
  • People + Town = City
  • People + City = Metropolis
  • People + Water = Swimming
  • People + Fire = Barbeque
  • People + Barbeque = Party
  • People + Party = Fun
  • People + Earth = Civilization
  • People + Wind = Crowd
  • People + Crowd = Mob
  • People + Mob = Riot
  • People + Riot = Revolution
  • People + Revolution = Democracy
  • People + Democracy = Republic
  • People + Lake = Beach
  • People + Beach = Tourist

We have covered everything you wish to know about making People in Infinite Craft and how you can use it as an ingredient. Also, read about how you can create Zombie, Opposite, Paper, and other unique combinations and crafting recipes, available here on Gamer Tweak.