How To Make Oil In Infinite Craft (Recipe Guide)

Need to make Oil in Infinite Craft? Our guide will help you understand how you can create this item using a few simple steps.

Infinite Craft is all about creativity and your ability to experiment with the elements you have. Once you keep exploring and combining items, you will discover rare elements like Knife, Dream, Paper, and even abstract elements like Love, Hate, and Happiness. Similarly, if you have successfully crafted Fuel and Engine, you must wonder how to make Oil. Therefore, if you need help with this creation, here’s everything you need to know about this crafting process and the items you need to combine.

How to Make Oil in Infinite Craft

How To Get Oil In Infinite Craft
Image Credits – Neal.Fun

The crafting recipe you must follow will only consist of a few steps. While making Oil, you can get several other ingredients like Forest, Campfire, Charcoal, and Storm, which are extremely useful, especially while creating other recipes in Infinite Craft. However, to get this element, you must combine Fossil and Dessert. If you need a step-by-step guide, then here’s how to make Oil in Infinite Craft:

  1. Earth + Wind = Dust
  2. Dust + Dust = Sand
  3. Sand + Sand = Desert
  4. Dust + Water = Mud
  5. Earth + Dust = Planet
  6. Planet + Wind = Storm
  7. Earth + Water = Plant
  8. Plant = Storm = Tree
  9. Tree + Tree = Forest
  10. Forest + Tree = Wood
  11. Fire + Wood = Campfire
  12. Campfire + Earth = Charcoal
  13. Charcoal + Mud = Fossil
  14. Fossil + Desert = Oil

Other Crafting Recipes with Oil in Infinite Craft

  • Oil + Oil = Oil Drum
  • Oil + Oil Drum = Oil Tank
  • Oil + Oil Tank = Oil Spill
  • Oil + Water = Emulsion
  • Oil + Emulsion = Mayonnaise
  • Oil + Mayonnaise = Salad Dressing
  • Oil + Salad Dressing = Vinaigrette
  • Oil + Vinaigrette = Salad
  • Oil + Salad = Dressing
  • Oil + Fire = Fuel
  • Oil + Fuel = Gasoline
  • Oil + Gasoline = Car
  • Oil + Car = Gas

That is everything you need to know about crafting Oil. Don’t forget to check out our Infinite Craft section and the combinations you need to get Steel, Amazon, Depression, and other crafting recipes available here on Gamer Tweak.