How To Make Money Fast In Cities Skylines 2

Here are some tricks that you can use to get rich fast in Cities: Skylines II.

If you are looking to grow your city in Cities Skylines 2 you will need loads of credits. By default, the only thing you will find effective is leveling up. Reaching new Milestones is surely one way to do things and it might even work to keep your city going.

However, if you are looking to make it big and prosperous you will need a lot of money which may not seem exactly possible in the early game. So here are some things you can do to increase your cash flow and earn money.

How to Earn Money Easily in Cities Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 How To Make Money Fast
Image Credits: Paradox Interactive

Here is a quick gist of things you can do in the early game to earn credits easily:

  • Understand your resources
  • Level Up & Reach Milestones
  • Export resources you have extra
  • Tax your people

Understand your resources

Understand Resources And Make A Plan
Image Credits: Paradox Interactive

Before you even start building your city it is important you first identify all your resources. This will help you plan better on how you want your city to turn out. In the early stages, it will be more in loss as it is still developing. However, knowing the resources will let you know which resources you can export easily and how to make use of them. You should also have a basic plan around setting up schools, and hospitals in the vicinity of residential areas instead of near factories or power plants.

Level Up & Reach Milestones

Reach Milestones In Cities Skylines 2
Image Credits: Paradox Interactive

You reach milestones by improving your city. The better it gets the faster you will rank up and get money as level-up rewards. These require you to do basic things like building roads, houses, factories, and more.

Export resources you have extra

Export Services
Image Credits: TotalXclipse on YouTube

You can export various services to earn cash in this game. The best service to offer in the early game is exporting electricity. Look for outside connections in your city’s map and set up a power plant near it. Make power lines and use them to connect your power plant with these connections. Any surplus electricity will get exported generating some easy extra money.

Tax your people

Tax People And Businesses In Cities Skylines 2
Image Credits: TotalXclipse on YouTube

While it may sound bad, it is an important way to earn in this game. You can tax almost anyone but it is recommended you tax the commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and offices first. Make sure to not tax them too much as they will then leave your city causing more harm than good.

That’s all for these tips that should make you rich easily in Cities Skylines 2. If you want more help on this game then check out our Cities Skylines II section.