How To Make Items Go Invisible In Hogwarts Legacy?

Here's how to make an Item Invisible in Hogwarts Legacy.

Is it possible for non-living items to turn invisible in Hogwarts Legacy? Actually, there is barely anything that you can not do in the Wizarding World. You can make yourself invisible by either using a Disillusionment Charm or drinking an Invisible Potion. But what can you do to make things other than go invisible? Frankly speaking, the only thing you can make invisible here is your Gear. Wondering how? Check out this guide to know.

How to Make Gear Items Invisible in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Make Gear Items Invisible in Hogwarts Legacy


Here’s what you can do to make your pieces of Gear Invisible:

  • If you are in-game, pause it and enter the Menu screen.
  • From there, click on the Gear section.
  • Select any Gear Item from it that you want to make Invisible. May it be Facewear, Headwear, Handwear, or anything else, just click on it.
  • Further, select the red circle with a backslash in it.
  • This will make your Gear item Invisible in Hogwarts Legacy.

Why Should you Make your Gear Invisible?

You might think that making an item invisible would make no sense. To be honest, hiding your Gear absolutely depends upon you. Each piece of your Gear grants you special magical buffs and it is mandatory to have one. Now, some players will feel the need to display only their main outfit rather than Gears. Hence, for cosmetic reasons, a player can make their Gear Invisible in Hogwarts Legacy.

Also, you don’t have to worry as this won’t make you lose any benefit from the equipped Gear. It will only go Invisible without actually losing its benefit to the Witch/Wizard.

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That is everything you can do to make items Invisible in Hogwarts Legacy. While you are here, make sure to check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki for more such content.