How To Make Diamond In Infinite Craft

Looking to craft something precious? Here’s how you can make Diamond in Infinite Craft.

In Infinite Craft, players can create anything, from Zombie to Jesus and Superman to Spider-Man, nothing is impossible when it comes to crafting elements. However, apart from making regular items, players are opting to create rare units by putting their crafting skills to the test. As a result, if you are wondering how you can make Diamond, you’ve come to the right place.

You can pair the elements according to the steps we have listed and create this precious stone. Additionally, while crafting this recipe, you will also be able to unlock a ton of new items like Ring, Jewel, Crown, Gold, Emerald, and much more.

How to Get Diamond in Infinite Craft

How To Get Diamond In Infinite Craft
Image Credits – Neal.Fun

In order to make Diamond, you will have to combine Coal and Fire. Considering Fire is one of the base elements, the only difficult part of this recipe is crafting Coal. By following our 8-step process, you will be able to get your desired element, easily. Therefore, let us understand more about the combinations you need to use.

  1. Add Earth and Water to craft Plant.
  2. Mix Earth + Wind to get Dust.
  3. Merge Plant + Plant to create Tree.
  4. Combine Dust and Tree to get Wood.
  5. Add Fire and Wood to make Campfire.
  6. Mix Campfire + Earth to craft Charcoal.
  7. Merge Charcoal + Charcoal to get Coal.
  8. Lastly, add Coal + Fire to make Diamond.

All Crafting Recipes with Diamond as an Ingredient

  • Diamond + Diamond = Diamond Block
  • Diamond + Water = Ice
  • Diamond + Ice = Ice Cube
  • Diamond + Fire = Coal
  • Diamond + Dandelion = Ring
  • Diamond + Ring = Engagement
  • Diamond + Wine = Champagne
  • Diamond + Champagne = Wedding
  • Diamond + Mountain = Jewel
  • Diamond + Jewel = Crown
  • Diamond + Land = Mine
  • Diamond + Mine = Gold
  • Diamond + City = Jewelry
  • Diamond + Birthday = Emerald
  • Diamond + Fun = Bling

This is everything you need to know in order to make Diamond in Infinite Craft. If you are interested in creating different elements, don’t forget to go through our complete list of 1000+ combinations and recipes. You can also check out how to get Internet, Dream, and Party, here on Gamer Tweak.