Infinite Craft: How To Make Ice And Snow

Wondering how to make the element Ice in Infinite Craft? Here’s all you need to do for it.

Like Cloud, Smoke, Lake, Ocean, and other initial items of nature, creating Ice in Infinite Craft makes crafting advanced recipes faster. Anything that can even slightly be associated with this element becomes possible. While it might not be the most versatile element, it certainly is among the best multipurpose ones. Rather than strange and unique combos that don’t exist, it lets you make the animals, places, sports, movies, and even the characters from it.

You can create units like Frozen, Elsa, Penguin, Snow Leopard, Antarctica, and Yeti by combining it with others. We have given combos of these and more right below the recipe, so be sure to check and save them after crafting the unit.

How to Get Ice and Snow in Infinite Craft

How to Get Ice in Infinite Craft
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You can create Ice through various combinations, however the simplest of them is Water plus Fog and Avalanche plus Water. While Water is the base element, you might still not have unlocked the Avalanche and Fog, so we have given steps for both of those right here:

How to Make Ice (Recipe 1)

  • Take a piece of Fire and place Wind on it to generate Smoke.
  • Put Water on the Smoke to make a Fog.
  • Now mix Fog with Water to obtain Ice.

How to Make Ice (Recipe 2)

  • Combine two pieces of Earth for a Mountain.
  • Mix Mountain with Wind for Avalanche.
  • Finally, take Water and place it on Avalanche for Ice.

If you combine Avalanche with Cloud, you will get Snow, and by mixing it with Human, you can obtain the Snowman. Similarly, Fog mixed with Earth produces Mist, and combining Brick with it gives Smog.

Recipe Combos With Ice in Infinite Craft

Recipe Combos With Ice in Infinite Craft
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Here are some of the things you can craft using Ice:

  • Ice + Snow = Snowman
  • Ice + Water = Iceberg
  • Ice + Iceberg = Penguin
  • Ice + Mud = Puddle
  • Ice + Island = Igloo
  • Ice + Igloo = Eskimo
  • Ice + Mars = Ice Cream
  • Ice + Ice Cream = Sundae
  • Ice + Planet = Snowball
  • Ice + Surfboard = Snowboard
  • Ice + Fuel = Coolant
  • Ice + Fish = Fishstick
  • Ice + School = Snow Day
  • Ice + Alien = Abominable Snowman
  • Ice + Abominable Snowman = Yeti
  • Ice + War = Cold War
  • Ice + Cold War = Ice Age
  • Ice + Curiosity = Cold
  • Ice + Fog = Frost
  • Ice + Music = Ice Cube
  • Ice + Cat = Snow Leopard
  • Ice + Panic = Cold Feet
  • Ice + Desert = Mirage
  • Ice + Hell = Hail
  • Ice + Cactus = Popsicle
  • Ice + Flower = Snowflake
  • Ice + Continent = Antarctica
  • Ice + Europe = Iceland
  • Ice + Iceland = Viking
  • Ice + Finland = Ice Hockey
  • Ice + Anime = Frozen
  • Ice + J-Pop = Hatsune Miku
  • Ice + Superstar = Elsa
  • Ice + Birthday = Cake
  • Ice + Band = Coldplay

With this, we wrap up how to make Ice in Infinite Craft. If you are looking for more helpful topics from the game, you should check out the recipe for Electricity, Brick, Human, and Paper.