How To Quickly Farm Majestic Horn In Monster Hunter World

The Majestic Horn In Monster Hunter World is dropped by Diablo or Black Diablo. Find how to farm The Majestic Horn In Monster Hunter World

The Majestic Horn in Monster Hunter World is a quest item that is very hard to get, if you do not know exactly how to exactly get it, there are slim chances of ever getting the majestic horn in the game. If you would like to get the majestic horn in Monster Hunter World check this guide out.

How To Get Majestic Horn In Monster Hunter World

The Majestic Horn in Monster Hunter World is one of the rarest items that you can find in the game, with less than 10% chance of it dropping, you will be stressed in finding it, worse is the fact that only two types of monster drop the Majestic Horn, and they are the Diablos and the Black Diablos.

Now, if you’ve already played Monster Hunter World you already know that finding and killing a Diablo is hard enough, it will eat up your time and there is no escaping the dread.  Finding the Majestic Horn from them takes things to a completely whole new level.

You will easily spend more than 10 minutes even if you are good at defeating a Diablo or a Black Diablo in Monster Hunter World and to find these monsters you will need to go to the Northeastern Section of the Wildspire Waste.

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One of the best ways to attack the Diablo or the Black Diablo is to attack it from the back as it never uses its tail to attack you. So, make sure that you dodge and find your way to get behind the monster and attack them.

Use any Ice or Paralysis weapons that you can find, these will cause heavy damage as compared to other items, and when you see the Diablo burrowing into the ground do not stay in one place and keep moving.

The Diablo will attack you from underneath and you should keep moving so that it misses you, and when you catch it digging into the ground, this is your cue to attack is as much as you can as the Diablo will be helpless and won’t be able to retaliate.

Make sure that you’re aware of the attack patterns of the Diablo, it will swing its horns from side to side, either twice or four times in a row. When it pauses, it will charge up its attacks, so learn to dodge out of it and then lay some of your own.

Quests Where You Can Get Majestic Horn In Monster Hunter World

Quests like RRRRRumble in the Waste! and The White Winds of the New World are the only two places where you can stand to earn the Majestic Horn upon completion but the drop rates are 6% and 5% respectively.

These are optional side quests that can be done over and over again, so make sure to check out these quests in Monster Hunter World but get ready for a grind as the chances are pretty slim.

Majestic Horn As Crafting Item In Monster Hunter World

The Majestic Horn can be hard to come by, even more, there are chances that you end up getting a few of these things in the game, the best-case scenario is to craft weapons like Diablo Clubs and Coilbender and they will require two and four horns for them respectively.

If you’re going on for the Diablos Alpha armor set, get ready to farm at least 5 Majestic Horn as helm, mail, and greaves will require that you get them to be able to craft them.

This is all there is to know about how to get the Majestic Horn in Monster Hunter World. Make sure to check out the list of the best indie games to play in 2020.