Best Indie Games That You Must Play In 2020

Best indie games of 2020 will make sure that you have a great September 2020. Includes Fall Guys Spiritfarer & more for Steam and Consoles

The best Indie games of 2020 have put some of the biggest AAA titles to shame and they’ve consistently delivered breathtaking performance on top of some of the best narrative seen in years. Indie games have been loved and cherished for generations and many top-level developers have found their success starting as an indie developer with a handful of people working on their dream projects.

The games listed in this feature are from all the genres that we’ve come across and that we’ve invested tons of hours in. Every game in this list will have its specific audience that swears by them in conversations and compiling this list took a lot of effort because we could not add every game, but we’ve curated this list of games that have universal appeal and you should definitely check them out in 2020.

Best Indie Games To Play In 2020

Untitled Goose Game

Developed by House House, this game lets you play as a notorious goose who only has destruction and malice in its objective. Untitled Goose Game allows players to constantly annoy every human that they see with objectives tailored in such a fashion that will leave you in splits every time you attempt to complete them.

While there are plenty of jokes to be had in this game, you will also see a lot of challenging quests that will have you solve puzzles in the form of actions with a domino effect. This gives you an entire perspective on how you should go about each task and complete them while terrorizing everyone in sight. Untitled Goose Game recently announced that they’re going to add a Co-op multiplayer mode to the game as well which should make it even more enjoyable with a friend. Be sure to check out this amazing and hilarious game.


If you’re a fan of Dark Souls like difficulty in games but don’t like the gothic and dark environment then this game is perfect for you. Cuphead does not allow players to catch their breath as there’s a constant threat of enemies coming at you from all sides.

The biggest draw about Cuphead are the boss battles, these boss battles will see you defeat a variety of characters who have attacks based on their personalities. Cuphead’s adventure will have you run and gun until the very last minutes. While Cuphead was only available on Xbox One and PC, they developers MDHR Studios recently released a PS4 version bringing in more players to their universe. With a sequel in the works, you should play Cuphead before the sequel hits the market.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium was probably the best indie game released in 2019, and it wowed audiences worldwide, you’re tasked with solving a crime and each clue that you get brings up more possibilities and suspects instead of answers.

A riveting game about detective story that can easily challenge some of the best AAA games in that genre. Disco Elysium is a mammoth of a game, nicely wrapped in an indie title to make the best use of the platform and deliver more than you could ever expect from the game. Each conversation you have brings up newer lines upon lines that help you jump deeper into the lore of the game. It surprised us right from the get-go and we’ve been obsessed with Disco Elysium ever since. We highly recommend this game to anyone who hasn’t checked it out before.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

A brilliant stroke by Mediatonic saw the birth of a game that revolves around game shows like American Ninja Warrior and Takeshi’s Castle with beans for competitors that has completely taken over the internet since its launch. Fall Guys brought with itself some mesmerizing and fun music along with challenging tasks for players to complete.

A battle royale game disguised as a game show, Fall Guys does thing differently with over 20 different stages involving team and solo games you will find yourself in the midst of a colorful and ultra-addictive game like we’ve never seen before. Since Fall Guys was released, millions of players have tried their hand at the game and it has been at the top of the streaming charts.

Rocket League

Whoever thought of RC cars and soccer could be made into a game has to be a genius in his own rights. Rocket League isn’t something new but still is just as strong as ever before. The goal of the game is simple, you take control of an RC car and then try to outscore your opponents.

This is easier said than done, but playing Rocket League will give you a ton of different options to check out from. Like using a quick boost to get momentum, driving away in physics-defying motions, and carrying out stunts that Travis Pastrana could only dream about. Rocket League is a highly competitive game that dominates on Twitch charts whenever you check it out because of its captivating gameplay.

My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro’s biggest asset is that no one knows which genre to describe the game, you are tasked by a talking banana to kill every bad guy that you see in front of you with a pistol and almost infinite ammo. It’s hard to describe this game except for the fact that it is a highly addictive game with so much happening around you.

My Friend Pedro is a thrilling adventure that will have you on your toes and have you shoot each bullet with precision with no room for error. You also get to use time-slowing abilities that will quickly improve your aim and offer you just enough time to think about your plan of action.


One of the many hyper-stylized games in this list, Gunpoint’s main objective is to give you different options and manipulations to dictate the pacing and narrative structure. This 2D stealth-puzzle will put you in the shoes of Richard Conway, a spy who has been framed for murder.

Your objective since then becomes to infiltrate tall buildings and take out enemies and either retrieve or destroy the intel. You will get the option to use anything that you can find as a weapon. While you will have your trusty guns with you. Your biggest allies will be light switches, door locks, and other mundane things. Gunpoint will take ordinary things and force you to use them in a creative manner.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Mental health has finally gotten attention in recent years but nothing comes close to portraying the demons in the minds of a sickly person the way Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice does things. The story follows a young woman who is on the quest to bring her husband back.

The game will have you traverse a fantasy-filled dark nightmare full of demons and creatures reaching out from the far corners of your deepest insecurities. Ninja Theory used sound in a way that will have you question your own sanity at the end of the game. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a haunting experience and we cannot wait for the sequel to release and see what the future holds for Senua.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is a story of an alien astronaut who gets stuck in a 22-minute time loop. What’s interesting about this game is that every time the timer resets itself, you will retain the memories of what happened before and have to uncover the secrets of an ancient race while also trying to understand how to escape the time loop.

Outer Wilds was one of the most highly rated games of 2019, winning many awards across all the events that took place that year and in 2020 as well. The writing of this game blends the visual aspects with the gameplay so perfectly that you will be inclined to uncover new secrets and get answers while racing against time. A must-try game for everyone who hasn’t checked it out yet.


Have you ever wanted to play Pokemon but don’t own a Nintendo Switch, well Temtem offers you a similar experience that will have you travel through a vibrant world of monster collections and battles. This RPG was started as a Kickstarter program and soon found itself in the limelight with a lot of publishers quickly covering the game and it getting the attention it deserved.

You will get the chance to collect vibrant creatures that will have you cover all of the lands in the game and each creature will bring something new to the table urging you to test them out in battles and check out how they fare and their abilities. Temtem offers a brand-new experience to a lot of PC players worldwide that helps to create a colorful world of creatures with battles.


Spirirtfarer is a tale of life and death and how one girl is tasked with taking people peacefully to the afterlife. It focuses heavily on management and helping souls to find satisfaction before they leave the planet. A heartwarming game that will put you to ease with its soulful music and minimalist art style.

You will need to build a boat large enough with every new soul that you encounter and make sure that they have everything that they will need to easily pass on this earthly life. Spirirtfarer is a game best experienced that will help you reconcile with a lot of emotions and feelings that you have. Every person that has played this game, has had a different experience making it one of the most versatile adventure ever.

These are the best indie games of 2020 that you need to play as they offer some of the best narratives in all of videogame history added with innovation and creativity. We will keep updating this list as and when we find more indie games that we believe more people should check out.