How To Get Maiden Blood In Elden Ring (Location)

Here's our guide on where to find the Maiden Blood in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has its fair share of mystical and eccentric NPCs roaming around the Lands Between. The word eccentric because the first NPC you encounter will insult you about being maidenless. But look how the tables turn when Varre asks you to get maiden blood for a quest. No offense to the white-faced Varre, but where are your maidens now? Maiden Blood can be obtained by dying and soaking a cloth with the blood of a dead maiden. So, here’s our guide on where to find maiden blood in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Maiden Blood in Elden Ring?

  • You can fast travel to the Church of Inhibition to find the maiden’s blood. You will encounter a dead maiden on top of the church but this region triggers Madness.
  • So, be quick and save your game at the nearest Site of Grace.
  • Alternatively, you can also go to the Chapel of Anticipation through a portal.
  • Head over to Four Belfries. To travel through a portal, you will need an Imbued Swordskey that you can acquire in a nearby chest.
elden ring maiden blood four belfries
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  • Once you have the key, use the key to teleport to the Chapel of Anticipation.
  • Then, head inside of the Chapel by climbing the stairs. You will find a corpse of a maiden as you enter the room.
  • Once you have a dead maiden, dye the cloth in the maiden’s blood.
  • You will be prompted with a message stating you have gained your place as an Elden Lord.

How to Trigger the Varre Quest?

  • Head over to the southwest of the Liurnia. You will encounter marshes and several Albinuaric enemies as you proceed.
  • You will find the White-Faced, Varre at the Rose Church located in the Liurnia of Lakes.
  • He will be standing right outside waiting for you to drop by and have a talk. Upon having a conversation, he will ask you about the Two Fingers and what are your thoughts about it.
  • While having a conversation, choose “they didn’t seem right” to get 5 Festering Bloody Fingers.
  • Use these festering bloody fingers to invade the worlds of other players. You can check out our invasion guide to find out how to invade.
  • As you use 3 of the festering bloody fingers, return to Varre. He will be pleased and anoint you in service of the lord of Blood, Mohg.
  • You will receive a Lord of Blood’s favor. Upon talking with him again over there, he will ask you to soak the cloth in the maiden’s blood.

elden ring maiden blood

  • This is the conversation where he will insult you about being maidenless again.

That’s all on where to find the Maiden Blood in Elden Ring. If you liked this guide, make sure to check our other guides on the fix for invasion not working, how to beat Mohg, and how to get to the Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring right here on Gamer Tweak.