How To Get Magma Ore In Blox Fruits

Collect Magma Ore in Blox Fruits to upgrade Refined Flintlock, Wardens Sword, Bizzare Rifle, Trident, and other weapons.

Not sure which NPCs drop Magma Ore in Blox Fruits and where you can find them? No need to worry, as we have given both the location and the enemies that drop this common material in the game. Magna Ore is one of the most required materials for many weapons upgrades and is even needed for Godhuman Fighting Style. Soul Guitar, Cannon, Saber, and Dark Blade are just a few of the weapons that require Magma Ore for upgrading.

Thankfully, there are more than enough NPCs that drop this material, so you can defeat NPCs of your level to collect Magma Ore easily. The ore is obtainable in both the First and Second Sea, but the minimum level of enemies that drop these is 300. So if you are short on the level, use our fast level-up guide and reach the level faster to grind and collect Magma Ore in Blox Fruits.

Where to Find Magma Ore in Blox Fruits?

Where to Find Magma Ore in Blox Fruits
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There are two locations and five types of enemies that drop Magma Ore at the time of writing. The level of NPCs is between 300 to 1200. So if you are anywhere between these levels, keep reading and find the location and NPC to grind.

  • Location: Magma Village in First Sea
  • Enemies: Military Soldiers level 300, Military Spy level 325, and Magma Admiral level 350

Magma Village is in the south of Pirate Village. Look for the Volcano with a smoke ring on it to recognize the village. Once you are there, you can find the Quest Giver NPC by the house that is nearest to the bridge. All three types of enemies have Aura, but Military Soldiers sometimes spawn without it.

Blox Fruits Magma Ore Location
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  • Location: Hot Island of Hot & Cold Island in Second Sea
  • Enemies: Magma Ninja level 1175 and Lava Pirate level 1200

Hot and Cold Island is a set of two islands, and you have to visit the Hot Island to find these enemies. But first, look for the Fire Quest Giver and take the quest for one of the two enemies. Magna Ninja uses Dual Headed Blade, while Lava Pirate is a Magma elemental. So be prepared before you take the quest.

That’s all on how to get Magma Ore in Blox Fruits. Apart from the Magma Ore, there are a bunch of other materials, weapons, and fighting styles that you can unlock in the game, all of which can be found in our Blox Fruits guides. You can use our guides to learn how to get Mini Tusk, Fish Tail, and more.