Blox Fruits: How To Level Up Fast

Looking to quickly level up in Blox Fruits? Check out this guide to learn how you can speed up the process.

If you are interested in One Piece and like playing Roblox games then you should definitely play Blox Fruits. In Blox Fruits, there are a lot of levels that you need to climb and many people are looking for a level-up guide. There are many things you can do to level up in this game but when you do them in the right order you can speed up the process. So in this leveling guide let us check how to level up quickly in Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits Level Up Guide

how to level up fast in blox fruits leveling guide

In Blox Fruits no matter if you play as a Marine or as a Pirate, these are some of the general tips that you can use to level up quickly.

  • Complete Quests:
    • This sounds like an answer right out of a textbook but it is very true. In order to increase your level, you need to complete quests. The more quests you can manage to complete, the faster the leveling process gets. And this is also where the next tip comes in.
  • Choose the right island as per your level:
    • Simply completing quests is of no use if you are over-leveled for a certain area. Once you feel you have reached a good enough level then move on to the next area. And start grinding accordingly to get a good amount of XP for your current level.
    • These are the recommended level for each area.
      • Starting Area: Levels 0-10
      • Jungle: Levels 11-30
      • Pirate Village: Levels 31-60
      • Desert: Levels 61-65
      • Frozen Land: Levels 66-120
      • Marine Fortress: Levels 121-150
      • Skylands: Levels 151-200
      • Prison: Levels 201-225
      • Colosseum: Levels 226-300
      • Frozen Land: Levels 301-350
      • Volcano: Levels 351-425
      • Underwater City: Levels 426-450
      • Skylands: Levels 451-625
      • Fountain City: Levels 626-750
    • These level recommendations work especially well when you have the Light-Light fruit. Thanks to JustOneChance on YouTube for this information. You can also check out their video for more details about these levels and quests.

  • Stat management:
    • This is also an important aspect of the game, be sure to give more points to your Melee, Defense, and Blox Fruits.
  • Use Boosts:
    • You should use XP Boosts to speed up the process. You can get them by using Blox Fruits Codes.

That sums up this leveling guide on how to Level Up Fast in Blox Fruits. If you like playing such games be sure to out our Roblox section for more such guides and codes to get freebies in different Roblox games.