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BG3 Ornate Mirror Answers (& Balsam Ointment)

Can you outsmart the Magic mirror in Baldur's Gate 3? Find out all the correct Ornate mirror answers in BG3 to unlock the Magic Mirror.

As you search and open the Secret cellar door, you will face a magical Ornate mirror in Baldur’s Gate 3 blocking your further path with questions. While unlocking this talking magic mirror in BG3, it asks you five questions. You can also get past the Magic mirror through Strength or Intimidation checks with die rolls. Since you must perform the success dice rolls for that, answering the Magical Ornate mirror is an easier and faster option. But for that, you must answer all of its questions correctly. Don’t worry, find out all the Ornate Mirror answers in BG3 along with the Balsam Ointment question.

All Magical Ornate Mirror Answers in BG3

magic ornate mirror answers bg3 baldurs gate 3
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Here are all the correct Magical Ornate Mirror answers in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Question 1: Spea-k your name.
    • Correct Answer: Tell it your name.
  • Q2: If you are known to my mas-ter, step forward and de-clare yourself an ally.
    • Answer: Yes, an Ally! I’m an ally of your master’s.
  • Q3: What think you of the zulkir known as Szass Tam?
    • Answer: Szass Tam is a foul, wretched creature
  • Q4: T-tell me, why might one use balsam ointment?
    • Answer: I read a doctor’s journal – he used balsam to clean a wound.
  • Q5: …if you could see an-ything in me, what w-ould it be?
    • Answer: I’d look for whatever spell will get rid me of this worm in my head.

Soon as you answer all the asked questions correctly in BG3, the Ornate mirror will welcome you and allow you to get past it. This will allow you to gain access and explore the Magical mirror’s for collecting loot. As you head inside and scavenge, you can find the Magical scrolls and the Necromancy of Thay book.

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