How To Get & Use Magecaps In Valheim

Wondering how you can boost your Eitr in the game? Here is our guide on how you can get & use Magecaps in Valheim.

In Valheim, Eitr is one of the more important aspects for your character to use and wield magical weapons. It is generated by eating Eitr-infused food and for players who are looking to replenish their bar quickly, Magecaps are a must-have. These are easily available in the game and they restore a sufficient amount of your Eitr bar when eaten directly. Players can also cook them with some other recipes to gain a healthy amount. So if you are wondering how you can get & use Magecaps in Valheim, check out this guide to find out more.

Where to Find Magecaps in Valheim

magecaps in valheim

Players can come across Magecaps in the Mistlands biome in Valheim. With the Mistlands update, the biome is more common than ever in the game. We recommend you to equip proper armor and Wisplights/Wisp Torches as it is filled with various creatures and the lands across are covered in thick fog. Once you have the necessary items you can venture out in the Mistlands. Though Magecaps spawn at random in the biome players can spot them from afar as they have a distinct blue cone shape and because of their glowing effect.

Use your items effectively to search Magecaps in the biome. Once you come across them, you can simply pick them up for further use.

How to Use Magecaps in Valheim

eitr recipes in valheim

As Magecaps are Eitr-infused, players can eat them directly to gain some Eitr back and replenish their purple bar. It grants you about 25 Eitr. Though if you are looking to have more healthy effect you can cook them with other recipes in the game. This will help you replenish your bar and use your magic for even more time. Although you will need a level 5 Cauldron and Stone Oven to cook these recipes. You can use Magecaps in the recipes given below to gain Eitr

  • Stuffed Mushroom – Magecap x3, Turnips x2, & Bloodclot x1 (cooked in cauldron/oven, grants you 75 Eitr)
  • Seeker Aspic – Seeker Meat x2, Magecap x2, Royal Jelly x2 (cooked in cauldron, grants you 85 Eitr)
  • Minor Eitr Mead – Magecap x5, Honey x10, Sap x5 & 2 Jotun Puffs (cooked by fermenting Mead Base: Minor Eitr, grants you 125 Eitr)

That’s everything covered on how you can get & use Magecap in Valheim. If you are wondering how you can get torn spirits in the game, check out our guide to find out more. And for more guides like these check out our dedicated Valheim section right here on Gamer Tweak.