How To Get Torn Spirit In Valheim & Uses

Here's a simple guide on Torn Spirit in Valheim.

Valheim’s latest update, Mistlands, brings a ton of new content. Along with a whole new biome, you will get new mobs, dungeons, NPCs, magic, and much more. However, this biome is covered in a thick mist. This makes it difficult to explore this new area. Fortunately, there are resources you can use to clear this mist. And some of them might already be in your inventory. One such resource is the Torn Spirit. This article will tell you all about Torn Spirit in Valheim.

How to Get Torn Spirit in Valheim

Build Wisp Fountain with Torn Spirit
Image Source: Jade PG on Youtube

This is an item you can get by defeating Yagluth. Prior to the Mistlands update, this item was called Yagluth things. If you have already defeated Yagluth, then check your chests if you placed some there. Otherwise, start preparing for a tough boss fight.

How to Use It

Torn Spirit can be used to make the Wisp Fountain in Valheim. This fountain will give you Wisps to make Wisplights and Wisp Torches. These can be used to clear the thick fog in Mistlands. To make the Wisp Fountain, you will need:

  • 1x Torn Spirit
  • 10x Stones
  • Stonecutter

Then, you can make Wisplight by using 1x Wisp and 1x Silver Bar. To make a Wisp Torch, you will need 1x Wisp and 1x Yggdrasil Wood. You can equip them from your inventory by right-clicking on them similar to the armor. However, to collect Wisps, you have to be patient. They will appear around the fountain once it’s dark and you can pluck them out of the air.

Note that Mistlands are also one of the most difficult biomes to explore. It is a house to several fatal creatures like the Tick, Seeker, Seeker Brood, Seeker Soldier, and Gjall. So make sure you have your best weapon and armor before venturing there.

That’s everything on Torn Spirit in Valheim. For more helpful guides like How to Make Sap Extractor, visit our Valheim section soon.