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Valheim: How To Make & Use Sap Extractor

Here's how you can make and use Sap Extractor in Valheim.

The latest update of Valhiem added a new Biome called Mistlands. Even though the game is still on early access players already started enjoying the game. Along with the addition of a new biome various features are also brought into the game. Sap Extractor is one of them. As the name suggests Sap Extractor extracts Sap which is essential in creating magic items in the game and this guide about how to make and use Sap Extractor in Valheim has everything you want to know about it.


How to Make and Use Sap Extractor in Valheim?

Use Sap Extractor in Valheim
Image Credit: Kysen
  • To Make a Sap extractor, you need ten Yggdrasil Wood which you can obtain by chopping Yggdrasil Shoot found in Mistlands Biome, five Black metal which is obtained by smelting Black metal Scarp in Blast Furnace, and finally, one Dverger Extractor which is tricky to obtain by raiding Dverger base.
  • Obtaining a Dverger extractor is tricky because as soon as you break the chest, all the Dverger nearby become angry.
  • Once you collect all the materials, go to your Workbench and craft a Sap Extractor.
  • You can use this Sap Extractor to extract Sap from Ancient roots.
  • You can use multiple Extractors for the same root however you cannot place them very close to them.
  • But using multiple Sap Extractors dries up the Ancient root after some time.
  • You will see the glowing veins of the roots disappear and a message will pop up in your window saying “the Ancient Root seems all Dried up” once the roots stop producing sap.
  • If the roots are dried you will have to remove all the extractors and wait until the veins glow again.
  • Hence, it is recommended to use less than 3 extractors for one Ancient root.

What is the use of Sap?

  • The sap is used in the Etir refinery to produce refined Etir.
  • These Etir are essential to make most of the magical items in the game.

That’s all you need to know about how to make and use Sap Extractor in Valheim. Also, check out our guide on how to craft the Iron Buckler in Valheim.