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How To Change Time In Mafia Definitive Edition

You can change time according to your preference.

Among several tasks and missions in the game Mafia Definitive Edition is a bonus mission that unlocks the Alien costume. However, the mission can only be completed during the night. Hence, players need to know how to change time in Mafia Definitive Edition to be able to complete it. Also, it is a preference-based aspect of the game to change the time to whatever time zone you require. If you are wondering how to do so, follow this guide and learn how to change time.

Mafia Definitive Edition – How to Change Time


change time in mafia definitive edition

Firstly, you can only change the time in the free ride mode. Unfortunately, the free ride mode is greyed out until you unlock it. You can read our guide on how to unlock free ride mode in Mafia Definitive Edition. To make it brief, you will have to complete the first challenge of the game to unlock the free ride mode. Once you have access, you can easily change the time from Salieri’s bar.

To change time, all you need to do is head to the meetings room in the Salieri’s bar. This is the room where Don Salieri holds all his meetings. When you enter the meeting, you will find some paintings on the wall. All these paintings are clicked during different time zones. These are the zones to which you can change time in Mafia Definitive Edition.


When you interact with the paintings, a short clip will start that will show you the time zone outside. Now, when you head out of the bar, the time will be changed according to the last painting you interacted with.

That’s basically how you change time in Mafia Definitive Edition. Apart from the time, you can also change the weather or an outfit in Mafia Definitive Edition. There is another task of winning a race in the game, that is difficult to complete. But that shouldn’t be the case when we are here. You can read our guide on how to win the race in Mafia Definitive Edition to complete it in the first place easily.