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How To Win The Race In Mafia: Definitive Edition

Win the race to unlock the final part of the 5th mission.

One of the first toughest missions that Mafia: Definitive Edition players will find them against is the race. The race is conducted in the last part of the 5th story mission, which is Fairplay. Actually, someone else is hired by Salieri to participate in the race. But, shortly before the start, it is found out that the player is beaten up by a rival gang and there is no scope. Hence, the player’s character has to take the place of the driver and participate in the game. It is very difficult to win the race in Mafia: Definitive Edition due to the sharp turns and hard to control vehicle mechanics. But with the right tips and understanding, players can easily beat everyone to win the race. That’s exactly why we are here. In today’s guide, we will mention all the tips and tricks to win the race in Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Mafia: Definitive Edition – How to Win the Race

The core focus of your strategy to win the race should depend upon maintaining the speed along with balancing the controls. You shouldn’t directly head-on for overtaking other players. The racecourse has a few sharp turns, and you should not accelerate during these turns or else you will be thrown out of the track. This can result in losing some valuable time.

During the first sharp turn of the race, show your skills of controlling the brakes. This is the sharpest turn of the entire race and you need to be on your toes to be able to complete it without losing your track.

The next turns of the course are relatively simple. Here, try to avoid any collision with other players, instead, find the inner way and drive through it to leave them behind. While trying the inner route and sometimes crossing over through the grass can be helpful, it is not a habit to follow always. Constant or even frequent driving on grass can impact the performance of your vehicle. Hence, there should be a great mixture of both tactics.

The next turn is again a sharp one and inclined. Try to not to accelerate during this time to overtake others. This is the time where you need to show patience as opportunities to speed up will come later in the race. After this turn is the most dangerous part of the race. The track here has a lot of grass at the edge of the paths. While it is not worth slowing down here, you need to be careful while working your way around the edges. The grasses can easily lead to a skid and further to an accident causing the wastage of a lot of time.

For the last turn and rest of the racecourse, try staying in the centre of the track, while maintaining a good speed. Follow these steps for the next two laps as well and you will gradually defeat all the players to emerge victorious in the game. Finishing the race in the first position will also unlock the rest of the part of the 5th mission. If you are not able to pull it off in the first attempt, give it another try. But if you are not able to win the race even after several attempts, a bit of advice is to lower the difficulty level of the game and the try it.

Following these tips will help you easily win the race in Mafia: Definitive Edition. You can now add your own spice to Mafia: Definitive Edition by changing the outfit of your character according to your preferences. All you need to do is first unlock the free ride mode in Mafia: Definitive Edition and then from there change your outfit in the game.