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Madden 21: How To Scramble

Make your quarterback scramble to tackle defenders.

Playing Madden 21 is all about controls and moves. Players make strategies for their gameplay and execute them on the field. But not all moves are made according to the strategy, there are a few moves that are made according to the situation of the game. One such move in football is scrambling. Scrambling is a move performed by a quarterback when in pressure because of opponent defenders. This helps the quarterback to tackle defense moves and run across the line of scrimmage. Hence, it is essential to learn how to scramble in Madden 21.


How to Scramble in Madden 21

First, you need to move the left analog stick in the direction you want to perform a scramble. While holding the stick in a particular direction, hit R2 on PS4 and RT on Xbox One. For PC, the button to perform scramble in Madden 21 would be either the Shift Key or Right Mouse button, unless you have changed it. This would do it for you, and your player will perform a scramble.

You can perform this crucial move when there are no good options for your quarterback to initiate a pass. Another brilliant time to perform a scramble is as soon as your quarterback gets a snap. When you perform a scramble in Madden 21, your character will run quickly in that direction, which will allow him to tackle the defenders.

That’s how to scramble in Madden 21. While you are here, you can also have a look at some other useful moves that your quarterback can perform to score some points and prevent the loss of the ball’s possession. For instance, you can read about how to quarterback slide once you have crossed the line of scrimmage. You can also learn the controls for other moves such as performing a stiff arm or a lateral pass in the game.