How To Lateral Pass In Madden 21

Pass-pass-pass in the American Football game.

Madden 21 is all about passing coordination between your players and lateral passes are an important part when it comes to passing the football. They are most commonly used by a quarterback after a snap but are also a vital part of trick-play strategies. Similar to the real-world play, lateral pass in Madden 21 can be used for various gameplays such as flea-flicker and toss.

But to leverage all the benefits of lateral passes in Madden 21, you will have to pass the ball successfully. If you are unsuccessful in your attempt, there are chances of losing the possession of the ball, which can be dangerous. Follow this guide to master the technique of lateral pass in Madden 21.

Madden 21: How to Lateral Pass

While many offensive and defensive techniques have changed in Madden 21, performing a lateral pass is the same. All you need to do is press the Left Bumper on Xbox One or L1 on PS4. As soon as you press these buttons on the respective controllers, the player with the ball will perform a lateral pass.

Although it is easy to perform lateral pass in Madden 21, you should make sure that you have a player running closely behind to take the pass. Timing is the most important part of making a successful lateral pass in the game. If the pass lands on the ground it will still be live unlike the forward pass where the ball becomes dead when it hits the ground. This can lead to dangerous situations that can cost you the game.

Make sure that you are successful in performing a lateral pass in Madden 21. It will take a bit of practice but gradually you can master the technique. You can also learn how to perform other actions in Madden 21 such as performing a slide or blocking a field goal.