Genshin Impact Lyney Trial Answers Guide

Puzzled about how did Lyney end up in this situation? Here are the Genshin Impact Fontaine Trial Answers.

Looking for Lyney’s Trial answers in Genshin Impact? Well look no further, you will need every piece of information if you want to save him. During your playthrough of Act 1 of Chapter 4, the third quest will be Lies Cast Shadows Under Gathered Lights. Here the Hydro archon accuses Lyney of a rather terrible crime. This is also where the game introduces the Refutations and Logic Chains. Here the gameplay changes to something similar to the likes of Ace Attorney or Danganronpa. So here are the Fontaine Trial answers in Genshin Impact and how you can defeat Furina.

Lyney Trial Answers (Refutations & Logic Chains) in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Fontaine Lyney Trial Answers

Before you participate in the trial make sure you collect 3 clues inside the opera house and even check the underground passage for more evidence.

Lastly, if you don’t want any spoilers. Then you can just try every option, the game doesn’t exactly punish you for it. You can just repeatedly answer the questions until you get them right.

Lyney’s Actions in the Tunnel – Refutation 1

  • Lyney entered the tunnel
    • Evidence: Lyney’s Statement.
  • Lyney Kidnapped Halsey
    • Evidence: The voice in the Oratrice core chamber.
  • Lyney knocked Cowell out
    • Evidence: The Young Lady’s Clothes.

Opera House Switcheroo Case Record

After Paimon is done explaining the above events, Furina will ask you to give evidence about Lyney not being in the tunnel when the crime took place. Here choose “Strange Sound During the Magic Show.

The True Culprit

Furina will then proceed to ask you if Lyney didn’t commit the crime, then who was it. Here go with The Deceased Identity.

Cowell’s Plan And The Situation Inside The Tunnel – Logic Chain 1

Furina will again question your accusation. This will make Traveler think about Cowell’s plan. Here you will enter a Logic Chain and will have four questions, the answers to them are as follows:

  • Q1: How can we envisage Lyney as having been unable to interfere with the Crime?
    • Answer: Lyney’s Statement (Top-left)
  • Q2: Who is the prime suspect currently?
    • Answer: The Deceased’s Identity (Top-right)
  • Q3: How can I prove that there was an altercation in the Tunnel?
    • Answer: Strange Sound During the Magic Show (Bottom-left)
  • Q4: Where did the missing Halsey go?
    • Answer: Any option (Bottom-right)

The fourth piece of evidence will always be wrong, and this causes an argument in the court between Traveler and Furina. As the dialogues proceed, you will get a clue to the fourth question.

  • Q4: Where did the missing Halsey go?
    • Answer: Broken Flower Vase

Reconstruct The Criminal’s Plan – Logic Chain 2

After the above question is answered, Esmond will bring test tubes from Cowell’s baggage. This will lead to another Logic Chain:

  • Q1: Who is the prime suspect currently?
    • Answer: The Deceased’s Identity
  • Q2: What item did the culprit use to control the timing of the dissolution?
    • Answer: Dropped Hook Rope
  • Q3: What item did the culprit use to dissolve Halsey?
    • Answer: Water from the Primordial Sea
  • Q4: What item did the culprit use to hide the mechanism behind the crime?
    • Answer: Audience-Side Magic Box Structure

Events In The Tunnel – Refutation 2

Now, with the above revelations, you can confidently refute Furina:

  • Halsey dissolved
    • Evidence: Strange Sound During the Magic Show
  • Infighting Between Lyney and Cowell
    • Evidence: Broken Flower Vase
  • Lyney knocked Cowell Out
    • Evidence: The Young Girl’s Clothes

Paimon will now reconstruct and explain the scene. Furina will accept her defeat, and Neuvillette will now describe how the crime played out and declare Lyney not guilty.

That’s it for all the logic chains, refutations, and answers for Lyney’s Trial in Genshin Impact. For more help on this game don’t miss out on our other Genshin Impact guides.