Spiderman 2: How To Perform Loop De Loop Move

Spiderman 2 comes with a lot of acrobatic moves that are not only effective but also picture-perfect and pleasing to the eyes. One such move is Loop De Loop, like what we had in the previous edition of the game. The maneuver not only feels good at performing, it can make you go much faster in the game, as you are swinging around.

But here’s a catch, you need to unlock this move in order to perform. Wondering how to do that? Follow along with this guide to find out how to unlock and perform Loop De Loop in Spiderman 2.

How to Perform Loop De Loop in Spiderman 2

Perform Loop De Loop in Spiderman 2
Screenshot- The Nerd Stash

As mentioned earlier, before being able to perform the Loop De Loop, you need to unlock this skill from the skill tree. Fortunately, it’s a short journey to do it as it can be unlocked once you have unlocked the Slingshot launch, which isn’t that difficult. The Loop De Loop requires one skill point to unlock, i.e. Level 2 on the skill tree.

Once you have unlocked this move, perform the Loop De Loop in Spiderman 2 PS5, while diving in with the R3 button and pressing R2 to web swing. But there is the catch – in order to perform this you need to have greater momentum and speed. Once you have achieved great momentum just dive and then sling out the web holding on and there you have it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to Loop De Loop in Spiderman 2. If you find this guide helpful, make sure to check out other guides on this game from the Spiderman 2 dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.

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