GTA 6 Logo – Was It Leaked Or Is It An Easter Egg? (Answered)

Here's everything you need on the GTA 6 Logo and the alleged leak claims.

Recently, a lot of keen-eyed GTA fans spotted something on a GTA Online car livery that raised a lot of questions. While many have started considering it a GTA 6 logo leak, others believe it is just an Easter Egg. As a GTA fan who has been waiting for any update on the upcoming GTA 6 for almost 10 years, it is quite easy to hop on to anything that sounds like hope. So if you are also caught up with the logo leaks claim and are wondering what is it all about, we recommend you keep reading below as we will put it to bed.

Is the Car Livery an Easter Egg or GTA 6 Logo Leak?

GTA 6 Car Livery Easter Egg Logo

While we cannot straight up claim that the Car Livery is an Easter Egg since Rockstar will obviously not give an official word, it is far from being a GTA 6 Logo leak. Although Rockstar maintained radio silence on everything since announcing the game, the September leaks gave fans something to look forward to. The Car Livery in GTA Online that got many fans excited sported the same variant of the eCola bottle that was seen in these leaks. Hence, it is safe to say that this is more of an Easter Egg rather than a logo leak.

As you can see from this tweet by Gaming Detective, the Hotring Everon does feature a new version of the eCola bottle we just mentioned earlier.

When will GTA 6 Come Out?

Although there is no official word, these Easter Eggs are pointing out that there will be an announcement and a trailer to follow soon. Since a lot of things like the GTA 6 Map and Protagonist have been leaked, it would be a good time now for Rockstar to show fans everything there is to look forward to like a trailer or an actual logo for instance.

As we mentioned, there is no official word but rumors and leaks suggest that a trailer release is on the card around late 2023 or early 2024. That being said, it is unlikely that the game will be released anytime before late 2024 or early 2025.

Was GTA 6 Delayed Due to Leaks?

Since the leaks have been turning up left, right, and center since the massive September nightmare, this is a common question in players mind. However, Rockstar Games did release this tweet back then stating that there was no change in plans. The development of GTA 6 is going ahead as scheduled and it seems no amount of excitement can rush Rockstar into releasing any details regarding the game.

Since we are as excited as you for the release of GTA 6, we will update you as soon as new information or leaks surface.

That’s all there is on GTA 6 logo leak and the Car Livery Easter egg. While you are here, make sure you check out our other GTA 6 guides for more news and updates on the game right here at Gamer Tweak.