Valorant Login Issues Fix

Here is how you can fix the login issues in Valorant.

Many players face login issues with Valorant from time to time, and look for ways to fix it. There could be multiple reasons for it like the servers being in maintenance. Or it could also be something as minor as using a wrong password. No matter which problem you might be facing, in this guide let us quickly check all the ways you can fix login errors for Valorant.

How to Fix Login Issues in Valorant

how to fix login errors and issues in valorant

You most likely face login issues in two cases, first if there is problem is on the game’s end or second if it is on your end. Try the following basic fixes when facing login issues with the game:

  • Check server status: The first thing to do whenever facing login issues is to check about the servers for the game. There could a good chance that Valorant servers might be down or under maintenance so you are facing such issues. You can check it on the Riot Games Service Status page. I suggest you check our guide on how to check Valorant server status to learn more way to find out about the game’s server conditions.
  • Test your connection: If the Valorant servers are fine there could be a problem with your internet connection. To do that you could simply do a speed test or try playing another online game. In case there is an issue with your internet you could try refreshing it to fix it.
    • Wireless connection: Restart your router and wait for a few seconds before connecting.
    • Wired connection: Unplug your Ethernet cable and wait for a few seconds. Then plug it in and see if your internet works better.
  • Check the credentials: This is a basic mistake that almost anyone can make. Make sure the username and password you are entering is correct.

If the above fixes don’t work then you could also try these solutions to help resolve your login errors.

  • Exit Vanguard: Exiting the Vanguard will stop the games that require it to run. Exit it and restart your PC, once it is on try playing the game again.
  • Delete the webcache folder: Deleting the webcache might help resolve the login issues in Valorant.
    1. Go to the following path C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Local\VALORANT\Saved
    2. Here you can find four folders Config, Crashes, Log, and webcache. Delete the webcache folder and try logging in again and it should fix this time.
  • Reinstall the game: As a last resort, you can try reinstalling Valorant. Completely remove all game files and freshly install the game again. Now try logging in and you shouldn’t get the login error.

If none of the above issues work you should try to contact Valorant support to see if there is any unique bug on your end that the game might need to fix.

That covers this guide on how to fix login errors in Valorant. You should also check our other guides on the best crosshair for headshots, beginner crosshair tips, and what ACS means in this game.