Valorant ACS Meaning & How It Works

Learn what ACS Means in Valorant from this guide.

What does ACS mean in Valorant? This is the question on the minds of players who are newly getting into this game. If you’re a veteran, you might want to know how ACS works and how it’s calculated. Learn the basics right here in this guide.

What does ACS Mean in Valorant?

acs mean valorant

ACS means Average Combat Score is your overall Score in a Match. That means ACS is a summary of what you did in a Valorant game. It is calculated by considering various factors.

How is Average Combat Score Calculated?

Here is a Formula of how ACS is calculated in Valorant.

  • ACS = (Damage + Assist*25 + Kill Score) / Total Match Rounds
    • Damage – is your total damage dealt.
    • Assist – counts your Non-damaging Assists like Flashes, Smokes & other utility.
    • Kill Score – Total Score of the Kills you get depending on how many Enemies are alive.
      • Your Kill Score can be 150/130/110/90/70 if 5/4/3/2/1 enemies are alive.
      • You will also get Kills*50 points for more than one kill in a round.
      • The multiplier is added for kills that occur after the first kill.

This is how ACS is calculated. ACS is more of an individual scoring system. So if you are not doing anything in the round or die first, you will not earn any Points for your ACS. In Valorant, your ACS affects your RR gain. This is why you gain a lot of RR when you win with a good ACS while you get less RR with fewer ACS.

If you want to improve your ACS then you will have to play with your Team & their Utility. Combo off of each other will get you & your teammate more points for ACS. The more Assists & First Bloods you get, the more ACS you will earn. Multi-Kills are another important factor that decides your ACS. Try and be more proactive in your games than reactive.

This was all about what ACS means in Valorant. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Best Valorant Crosshair for Headshots.

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