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How To Light Up Dark Areas In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Terrified of the dark and depths of Hyrule? Here is a guide to help you light up dark areas in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Exploring the depths of Hyrule can be tricky business for the players if they don’t know how to make use of things to light up dark areas. With monsters and Gloom Hands lurking in the dark, there is no certainty of what you may encounter. Players have many different options to explore the depths safely. Here is our guide on the different ways you to light up dark areas Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom.

How to Light Up Dark Areas in Zelda TOTK

Following are some of the ways you can use to light up dark areas in Tears Of The Kingdom. With these options, you will have a smoother exploration of areas that are dark and inaccessible without light.

Launching Brightbloom Seeds

brightbloom seeds tears of the kingdom

Brightbloom Seeds are your best bet to light up places like depths, groves, and caves. The darkness can seem never-ending in such places and launching some of these seeds would just do the trick for you. These Seeds can be found inside caves that have a reasonable amount of light source. You can then throw them in the air or fuse them with your arrows to launch them into dark areas. This will brighten up the part where the seed lands. Brightbloom Seeds can also be found in larger sizes. Launching these would increase the radius of the area that lights up.

Equipping Miner’s Armor Set

equip miner armor set
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Miner’s Armor Set lets you do the same thing that Brightbloom Seeds do of lighting up areas. But unlike Brightbloom Seeds you won’t have to launch it every time instead wearing it would grant you an area to light up around you. With this, you can explore the depths freely and without worrying about it running out. You can find the armor set with the use of Old Treasure Maps.

Cooking up Elixirs

deep fireflies elixir totk

Players can cook Bright Elixirs that will grant Link glowing abilities. You can cook Elixirs by combining items with Monster Parts which you can obtain by defeating monsters in-game. To make the Bright Elixir players would need to find Deep Fireflies in the Depths and then combine them with Monster Parts.

Note: Cooking meals like Bright Mushroom Skewers will also let Link glow in the dark for a while.

Using Zonai Lights

use zonai lights tears of the kingdom
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Players would come across many Zonai Devices throughout their campaign in Tears Of The Kingdom. One such device is the Zonai lights. You can use these lights in dark areas to light up the areas you want. You can get one from the Zonai Device Dispensers found in Sky Islands.

Activating Lightroots

lightroots tears of the kingdom

The only sources of light in dark areas of the depths are the Lightroots. Once Link interacts with them in the depths the Lightroots will emit light around the area. It varies on how much a specific Lightroot can light up the area around it.

That is everything about how you can light up dark areas in Tears Of The Kingdom. If you don’t know where to find poes in the depths of Hyrule check out the guide right here on Gamer Tweak.