How To Light TNT In Minecraft & Make It Explode

Here's how to make TNT explode in Minecraft.

So, you’ve ended up with a TNT, looking for something to destroy in the most dramatic fashion. Naturally, you are searching for the answer to this question – how to light TNT in Minecraft and detonate it? Look no further, here are some ways to blow it up.

How do you Light TNT & Blow it Up in Minecraft?

There are several methods to make TNT explode in Minecraft and deal some serious damage to anything in its vicinity. First, players must place the TNT explosive on the ground. Next, you need something to light it up. Check out the items you can use:

Use a Lever

lever minecraft

  • Craft a Lever with a Cobblestone + Stick and place it right next to the TNT.
  • Click on the Lever and the TNT will detonate.

Use Flint and Steel

  • Craft Flint and Steel with Iron Ingot and Flint.
  • Equip Flint and Steel and right click on the TNT.
  • There will be a short period during which you can back away outside of its radius.
  • Once it explodes, it will create a hole in the ground and also damage living things nearby.

Use the Redstone Torch to Light the TNT

redstone torch

  • Craft a Redstone Torch with Redstone Dust + Stick.
  • Now place the TNT on the ground.
  • Create a Redstone Dust path from the TNT and after a few tiles, place the Redstone Torch.
  • This will end up looking just like you see in cartoons and also gives you enough time to back away from the explosion radius.

Use a Stone Pressure Plate (TNT Trap)

  • Dig a hole into the ground (two layers).
  • Put the TNT in the hole.
  • Cover it with grass (or another block that will cover the ground seamlessly).
  • Place the Stone Pressure Plate.
  • As soon as anyone steps on it, the TNT will explode (after its initial burning phase is over).

Use Fire & Lava

  • As in real life, fire or lava will make the TNT explode. All you have to do is place it near the TNT and make sure it reaches the explosive.

Shoot a Flaming Arrow

  • Players can get a Flaming arrow by using the Flame Enchantment on a bow.
  • Once done, shoot the arrow at the TNT in Minecraft and it will blow up.

These are some of the ways to light up TNT in Minecraft. If you’d like to read more helpful tips and tricks for Minecraft, be sure to check our linked guides.