Lies of P Weeping Woman Baby Location & Multiple Choice Answer

Here is how to find the Weeping Woman's Baby and rewards she will give when you choose to tell the truth or lie to her.

Weeping Woman is a side quest in Lies of P. To start this quest you will have to locate her inside the house of Elysion Boulevard. While walking on the roof look for the Hair &  Beauty Salon sign board and enter the building. Go to the left outer area and you will spot the weeping woman crying on the window. She will ask you to find her baby.

Where To Find Weeping Woman Baby?

Lies of P Weeing Women Side Quest

Use the Fast Travel Point to go to Krat City Hall. From that point, turn right toward horse carriages, and then cross the fountain on the left. Cross the stairs and take the first right. You will find an open area between the buildings, clear up the enemies, and interact with the blue orb.

Lies of P Weeping Baby Location

You have now found the Broken Baby Puppet. Now return back to the weeping woman. She will ask you a question and you will be rewarded based on your answer. The first answer is a Lie and the second one is a truth. If you choose to pick the lie and agree with the Woman that her baby is cute she will give you a music record along with a fragment.

  • She’s a cute baby: Feel Music Record and Vivid Ergo Fragment.
  • That’s a puppet: Vivid Ergo Fragment.

And if you choose to pick the Truth that is denying her baby’s existence you will get a Vivid Ergo Fragment. Each of these fragments can get you 300 Ergo which can be later used to level up in Lies of P. There are also more valuable and rare Ergo in the game, which can help you to unlock powerful weapons. This is how you can find the baby puppet and give that to the woman. This completes Weeping Women’s side quest in Lies of P.

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