Lies of P Stats Explained: Upgrade To A Powerful Character?

Stat's play a huge role in your game progression, if your character does not has a blend of upgraded attributes you might keep dying in boss fights.

In this Lies of P Stats Explained guide you will learn about six different attributes of Character Stats. Some focus on Mobility, while some on Strenght. Having a blend of everything is good because there are different types of enemies in the game. Especially during the boss fights, even after having good weapons, without proper stat, you cannot stand a chance. So this guide will help you understand character stats in Lies of P. How it works and what happens when you upgrade each of them one by one.

Lies of P Stats Explained

Lies of P Stats Explained

Vitality, Vigor, Capacity, Motivity, Technique, and Advance are six important character attributes in Lies of P. Each stat has an effect on one of the character’s abilities. Like Stamina, or Health. As you progress through the main story you will get a chance to upgrade characters by investing points in one of these stats. By having a detailed overview of how everything works, it will be easier for you to upgrade from one to six stats.

Vitality = Health

Vitality means the Health bar in Lies of P. The more you invest the better health will be. Total health will keep on increasing with each upgrade, and this will also work on health regeneration. With upgrades your blocking capabilities will also increase, your health will regenerate faster and you can stay longer in the battle.

Vigor = Stamina

Vigor is your Stamina bar in the Lies of P. Stamina drains out on running while doing or while parrying. Also when you perform a heavy combo attack, the Stamina bar drains out. Stamina is important for fast movement and it is necessary you upgrade it first if you have chosen the Path of Strength. Where you have to use heavy weapons which are slow but full of power.

Capacity = Weight

With each weapon, armor, gadget, amulet, accessory, etc. you use the weight will increase. If you check weapon stats you will find there is a weight point attached to each of them. The heavier your build the slower you will move. Capacity will let you carry a heavy load in battle. That means you can easily use a powerful Legion Arm and a heavy weapon.

Motivity = Heavy Attack Power

Whether you carry a heavy weapon or a light you will need some power to swing the sword. This is where Motivity stats play a role. It will increase your attack power which means you can do more damage. It actually works on Heavy weapons, if you had chosen Path of the Cricket Balance, then you could focus less on this stat. Along with attack power, Motivity will also increase your strength for Fire Attacks, Physical Attacks, and defenses.

Technique = Light Attack Power

Similar to Motiviity, Technique works on lighter weapons. It makes them faster, quicker, and lethal. It will give you a similar upgrade in strengths related to Fire or Physical attack. It will also improve your defense against similar kinds of damages.

Advance = Intelligence

Advance will improve your efficiency in using Legion Arms and throwable items. It also works on some items where you will experience more power. It more likely supports Elemental weapons that are prone to overheating or shock damage. So here a little boost on defense will make the weapons stronger.

With upgrading each of these stats you can check the current stats under Common Abilities. Where you will see HP, Stamina, Legion, and Weight. These will keep on increasing with each stats upgrade in Lies of P.

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