Lies of P Best Legion Arm Guide: Top 3 Arms

Looking for best Legion Arm, then checkout this guide. We have picked three best ones from the list of 8 Legion Arms.

Legion Arm is an add-on gadget in Lies of P, other than swords. As the game does not have any kind of guns it focuses purely on Hack and Slash combat mechanism. Legion Arm serves as additional power, where you can summon a shield to dodge attacks or shoot bullets to take down multiple targets. In this guide you can find info on three of the best Legion Arms you can unlock in Lies of P.

Lies of P Best Legion Arm

Lies of P Falcon Eye Legion Arm

Puppet String is the first Legion Arm that is given by Eugene when you meet her for the first time. This one is quite useful as it allows you to jump over huge gaps or pull enemies towards you. If you have done playing with Puppet String, then you can focus on unlocking some of the most powerful Legion Arms in Lies of P. It is quite logical to switch them between missions. Here are the three best Legion Arms in Lies of P.

  1. Fulminis Legion Arm – Defeat Scrapped Watchman and meet Eugenie.
  2. Aegis Legion Arm  – You can buy it using Legion Plug.
  3. Falcon Eyes – You can buy it using Legion Plug.

There are around 8 different Legion arms in Lies of P. The above three are best due to their abilities. Fulminis Legion Arm can hit enemies with electric shock and with Legion Arm upgrade you can increase its attack capacity. Aegis can grant you a temporary shield by allowing you to block enemies’ attacks. It can then transfer that attack into an explosion causing damage to the enemy.

Lies of P Aegis Legion Arm

Aegis Legion Arm is best when it comes to close combat. You can use this arm to block enemies’ attacks and then stagger them with an explosion. You can upgrade this to unlock Guard Attack, Guard Parry, and Counter Charge. It would be to an extent right to say that Falcon Eyes is one of the best Legion Arm in Lies of P. This arm comes with some firepower, it can huge bullets enemies that explode on impact. You can upgrade to reduce reload time and unlock an Emergency shot ability. This lets you shoot while dodging.

So this was the best Legion Arms you can work to find in Lies of P. For more help on the game do visit our Lies of P guides section.