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V Rising Lidia The Chaos Archer Location & Boss Guide

Wondering where you can find Lidia in V Rising? Check out this article.

All big bad bosses in V Rising drop Recipes, Blueprints and Power that really push you up the ladder. These items are very necessary to progress in the game. Lidia the Chaos Archer is one such important V-Blood boss that you have to beat to unlock two extremely useful items. So let’s check how to find Lidia in V Rising with this location and how to beat this boss.

How to Find Lidia the Chaos Archer in V Rising


Find Lidia V Rising

You can find Lidia roaming the roads in the southern region of the Farbane Woods. Sometimes even closer to the Wolf Den.

You can use the Blood Altar to track her.


  • Interact with the Altar and select Lidia.
  • Click on Track Blood.
  • You will notice a faint trail of blood on your screen.
  • Follow the trail and you will reach the location.

How to Beat Lidia the Chaos Archer

Lidia V Rising Boss Fight


Lidia is a Level 26 V-Blood boss and we recommend you have at least Level 26 or above and good armor and weapons for this fight. You will need a Melee in this fight. Combine it with Dash and Basic Ability Shadowbolt and Blood Rite.

Watch out for Lidia’s attacks. She has a Chaos Arrow Volley attack that you can easily dodge. Her AoE attack has her throwing Chaos Volley in the air and drop down in the red radius formed on the ground. Move out of the area and you will be fine. But do not cross over it immediately as you will incur a small damage. She can also go invisible for a certain time and will re-appear at a different location.

If you are fighting this battle near the Wolf Den then wolves might join in the battle, dealing damage to you and Lidia as well.


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