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Salt And Sacrifice: How To Level Up & Use Tree Of Skill

Unable to beat the first boss in Salt and Sacrifice? You should level up your character before challenging it again.

Just like any Soulsborne game, you should level up your character in Salt and Sacrifice. Leveling up your character is important as it makes your character stronger. And with a powerful character, you can take on more enemies and progress the game. It is also important if you plan on upgrading your skills. So in this guide let us check how to level up and use the Tree of Skill in Salt and Sacrifice.

How to Level Up in Salt and Sacrifice


how to level up in salt and sacrifice
Image Credit: Hold To Reset on YouTube

You can level up in Salt and Sacrifice by interacting with the Trifaul Idol on Pardoner’s Vale.

  1. Go to Pardoner’s Vale.
  2. Find the Champion Hera.
  3. Next, turn left from the area she is in and use the stairs. First, go down then climb up two flights of stairs.
  4. Now, climb up the stairs on the right.
  5. Once you reach the top you will find the Trifaul Idol. The area ends here.
  6. Interact with it and choose the option Level Up.
  7. Here increase the stats or the attributes that you wish to level up.


You will consume Salt for leveling up your character.

How to Use Tree of Skill in Salt and Sacrifice

Accessing the Tree of Skill is super easy and can also be done from the Trifaul Idol.


  1. Go to Pardoner’s Vale.
  2. Make your way to the Trifaul Idol as explained above and interact with it.
  3. This time choose the option Tree of Skill.
  4. Now, select and level up the skill from this tree.

Leveling up your skills costs Black Starstone.

Tips for Leveling Up


  • Spend your Salt: You get salt each time you eliminate enemies. Be it your regular foes or Minions of Mages or Mages themselves. Defeating all sorts of enemies will grant you a different number of Salt depending on the enemy. But whenever you die you lose your Salt and have one chance to go to the location of your death and retrieve them. If you die before retrieving you lose the Salt. Hence it is important to use them whenever you get the chance.
  • Know when to use Salt: This again ties to the above tip. If you know there is a high chance of you dying and not being able to retrieve the Salt. Then it is best if you use it up. One of the best times to use it is before starting a Boss fight.
  • Don’t pick every fight: Fighting new enemies is great but always fighting can take away a lot of your health in the process. So while you should fight the enemies when you enter a new area, avoid fighting them each time you die. It will only frustrate you as it will make progression slow. Don’t pick fights especially when you have no Salt. This is great for exploration in case you die you literally have nothing to lose. But you will have explored the area.

That covers this guide on how to Level Up and use the Tree of Skill in Salt and Sacrifice. You should also check our other guides on how to play coop with friends and how to craft and enhance equipment in this game.