How To Level Up Cards In Tears Of Themis

Here's all you need to know about how you can level up cards in Tears of Themis easily.

In Tears of Themis, players will come across plenty of handsome characters to do debates with. However, not all characters will be strong enough until you upgrade them to their full potential. So make sure you have enough resources to level up the character’s cards in Tears of Themis. Increasing their power will not only help you win more debates but also earn double the XP. However, don’t end up wasting your resources on a single or weak card. For your better understanding here’s a small guide for you on how you can upgrade your characters in the game.

Ways to Level Up Cards in Tears of Themis

How To Level Up Cards Tears Of Themis

In order to level up cards in Tears of Themis players will need plenty of Oracle of Justice & Stellins. Every card you unlock in the game starts with a base stat at Level 1. The only thing you should keep an eye on is the Stats such as Influence and Defense. For those who are unaware influence is the attack rate, and defense stands for the resistance to an opponent’s attacks during debates.

As mentioned earlier we recommend you upgrade your cards efficiently. So avoid wasting your resources on a single SR or SSR card. Other than that try to make a strong deck with all decent stat characters. If you’re running low on resources, then here are some ways from which you can get them quickly in the game.

  • Complete Stages: The first way to get resources in the game is by simply completing the corresponding materials stages. As soon as you tap on the Stellins or material icon, it’ll drop an option that’ll head you to all the missions. Completing those daily missions can help you farm particular resources quickly.
  • Exchange Event Materials: Another way to earn Oracles of Justice or Stellins to level up cards in Tears of Themis is by exchanging Event materials. As you keep playing the game you’ll come across various event missions that can help you farm these materials easily. After you have collected enough of them simply exchange them for some Stellins and you’ll be good to go.

This is all you need to know about how to level up cards in Tears of Themis. While you’re here check out how you can increase affection in the game.