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Should You Let Volo Extract The Parasite In BG3?

Want to know if you should let Volo extract the parasite in Baldur's Gate 3? Check out this guide to know more.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players must have come across a playful bard named Volo and after a few quests down the line, you might have met with the choice of whether you should let him extract the Mindflayer parasite. With him stating his technique to be brilliant as well as actionable, you might question his belief. And may also wonder if Volo succeeds in removing the parasite in BG3. You can interact with Volo at the camp after meeting at Shattered Sanctum and he will assure you he knows exactly how to remove the tadpole inside. So if you are wondering whether you should trust the bard and his extraction procedure to remove the parasite once and for all, check out this guide to know more about this decision.

Should I Let Volo Take My Eye in BG3?

should you let volo remove the minflayer parasite in baldur's gate 3

Yes, we would recommend you let Volo do the extraction procedure not because he will remove the parasite but because it will let you gain a new ability in Baldur’s Gate 3. The extraction surgery that the bard does is futile and won’t get the tadpole off of you. And you can also stop Volo from picking your eye at any point in the game. And although you will lose an eye to this painful extraction, the bard has a better one for you at his disposal. Once you lose your eye in the process, Volo will replace it with Ersatz Eye in BG3.

The Ersatz Eye fitted by Volo lets you have the ability to see invisible creatures within 30 feet or 9m in Baldur’s Gate 3. The ability can come in handy while going through the lands of Forgotten Realms in the game. Although it is worth mentioning that you won’t be able to remove it in the game. In the early access version of BG3, letting Volo go through with his decision of using the Ice Pick while extracting the parasite would lead to a -1 loss in Intelligence and +1 in charisma. However, that is not the case with the full release of the game. The choice of letting Volo hurt your eye may also be disapproved by some of your companions in the game.

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