LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Cheat Codes Guide (May 2023)

Here are all the cheat codes you can try on LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, instantly unlock various characters.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean brings back the world of pirates embedded into cute little characters. The game features various icons directly from the movie, like the legendary Jack Sparrow, pirates leader Blackbeard, Davy Jones, Twiggs, Mistress Ching, and even King Gorge. You can summon the characters instantly in the game using the cheat codes. Check the list of all Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Cheat codes below.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Cheat Codes (May 2023)

  1. EW8T6T – Unlock Ammand the Corsair
  2. DLRR45 – Unlock Angelica (disguised)
  3. VGF32C – Unlock Angry Cannibal
  4. D3DW0D – Unlock Blackbeard
  5. ZM37GT – Unlock Clanker
  6. 644THF – Unlock Clubba
  7. 4DJLKR – Unlock Davy Jones
  8. LD9454 – Unlock Governor Weatherby Swann
  9. Y611WB – Unlock Gunner
  10. 64BNHG – Unlock Hungry Cannibal
  11. VDJSPW – Unlock Jack Sparrow
  12. BWO656 – Unlock Jacoby
  13. 13GLW5 – Unlock Jimmy Legs
  14. RKED43 – Unlock King George
  15. RT093G – Unlock Koehler
  16. GDETDE – Unlock Mistress Ching
  17. WEV040 – Unlock Phillip
  18. RX58HU – Unlock Quartermaster
  19. P861JO – Unlock The Spaniard
  20. KDLFKD – Unlock Twigg

How to enter Cheat Codes in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Launch the game and go to the Options Menu, it is located in the Main Menu of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. Type the codes and unlock the additional character for free. Just enter the codes and apply the character will be added to the game which you can choose while playing.

So these are all the cheats to unlock new additional characters in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean.