How To Get Legendary Loots in Gotham Knights (Heroic Items)?

Tricks on how to easily find Legendary, Heroic & Rate Loots to level up your character stats.

Legendary Loots are tough to find Gotham Knights. Your character Level must be between 30 to 40 to play challenges that drop heroic loots. Also, there is a hidden chest that keeps on dropping free items every night, side activities, etc that can help you in crafting. I am going to share all important points, locations, and shortcuts to locate the legendary chest in Gotham Knights that rewards heroic loots, mods, gears, etc.

How To Find Rare Loots?

Gotham Knights Loot

Legendary and Heroic Loots unlock after Level 30. Talking to NPCs will unlock side activities, that also have such loots. Also, there are challenges, which upon completion reveal chest coordinates. Look for yellow material, called the Nth Metal which will let you craft Legendary items.

  • Play Crime Deals & Side Activities on Map. For this talk to NPCs like Lucius Fox.
  • Clear Owl’s Nest and open the chest for the secret cache.
  • Reach Level 30 to unlock a higher-difficulty boss. Enemies between Levels 30 to 40 will drop rare loots.
  • Play Gotham’s Most Wanted for Legendary outfits, XP & rare loots.
  • Locate Secret Cache via playing Challenges. You can revisit the same cache the next night to get the same amount of loot. Kind of a game bug but rewarding. Secret
  • The cache can reward a lot of mods.

Tricks to find Legendary Items for Crafting

Gotham Knights Most Wanted Challenges

Legendary Gears can offer 300+ power to the character. This is enough to deal with Level 30 and above enemies. Legendary Mods can provide an additional boost in terms of resistance, health, defense, power, etc. Level 30 above bosses will be the ones who will drop items required for crafting Legendary Gears. Visit the Check the Crafting section in the game menu. Under Blueprints, you will find three options, Suit, Melee, and ranged.

  • Go to Batcomputer > Challenges Tab to unlock Challenges.
  • From Challenges start Gotham’s Most Wanted.
  • You will need to collect Blueprints and Salvage them to create Suits and Weapons.
  • Weapons can be crafted from the Melee section.

Gotham Most Wanted has around 7 most wanted criminal challenges. You will have to locate and eliminate them. This will reward you with blueprints, salvage, XP, gold material, and more. Completing the most wanted challenges is a straightforward way to unlock powerful mods, gears, and suits in Gotham Knights.

How to Complete Gotham’s Most Wanted Challenges? Tricks to Find Most Wanted Criminals

Gotham Knights Side Activities

Look on the map for the following Criminal Activities. You will have to explore each of them to find clues for the most wanted criminal. Criminal Activities are marked in Red upside triangle. Check the description of the activity, if it is marked as High or Very High, chances are you will get Epic Loot.

  • Kidnapping – Illegal Hack
  • Organ Trafficking
  • Criminal Deal

Very High marked criminal activities can have bosses. This is where you can find one of the most wanted criminals in Gotham city. Focus on clearing challenges marked on Verify High difficulty. Every activity is carried out by a gang, which is listed under the Faction. Like Court of Owls, Mobs, Freaks, etc. Mark down the enemies and in some missions you might have to investigate or interrogate for the next clue.

In short, by playing very high criminal activities the chances of getting legendary materials is max. This will help you craft powerful suits and weapons.