Legend Of Almia Tier List & Reroll Guide (June 2023)

Shreyansh Shah
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The list of Legend of Almia Heroes can be quite overwhelming for new players. So this Legend of Almia Tier List for the best heroes will help you build the perfect team while playing this idle RPG. Since character summons is not in your hand, you might not be able to form a team of top tiers. As a player you would want to progress with the strongest heroes in the game. So luckily, if things don’t go your way, you can also Reroll in Legend of Almia.

Strongest Legend of Almia Tier List (June 2023)

Legend of Almia is still relatively new so we might change the rankings going forward or if there are any new heroes in the midst. The following Legend of Almia Tier list is based on our experience while playing with some of the best heroes but it might differ from your opinion. Nevertheless, here’s how we rank the strongest heroes in Legend of Almia:

Tier  Characters
S Tier God of Life
S Tier Regulus
S Tier Raziei
S Tier Khaos
S Tier Nu Wa
S Tier Dolores
S Tier Jormungand
A Tier Mulan
A Tier Christline
A Tier Eleanor
A Tier Lillian
A Tier Guan Yu
A Tier Yuan
A Tier Miss Lee
A Tier Ganoderna
A Tier Vivian
A Tier Cesare
A Tier Lily
A Tier Inanna
A Tier Gaia
B Tier Izayoi
B Tier Nephthys
B Tier Stheno
B Tier Barial
B Tier Lamia
B Tier Thor
B Tier Victoria
B Tier Abaddon
B Tier Shun
B Tier Ugarte
B Tier Amaimon
B Tier Manjusaka
B Tier Ramses
B Tier Kuchiki
B Tier Koizumi Niashi
B Tier Arkana
B Tier Wan’er
B Tier Wukongg
B Tier Tao
B Tier Koizumi Maru
B Tier Ne Zha
C Tier Eros
C Tier Ansei
C Tier Boya
C Tier Niyod
C Tier Sif
C Tier Mikhail
C Tier Minos
C Tier Euryale
C Tier Persephone
C Tier Sair
C Tier Rania
C Tier Luthien
C Tier Abraham
C Tier Abdul

How to Reroll in Legend of Almia

Legend of Almia Reroll Guide & Tier List

If you don’t get the heroes you want from this Tier List, here’s how to reroll in Legend of Almia:

  • First download and then launch Legend of Almia on your device.
  • After that, complete the tutorial so you can unlock character summon.
  • Next, claim all the rewards for signing up and then start character summoning.
  • If you don’t get one of the heroes from this Tier List, log out and uninstall Legend of Almia.
  • Now repeat the entire process and keep trying till things go as planned.

That covers this Tier List and Reroll Guide. Since you are playing this game, we recommend you redeem the Legend of Almia Codes and get the rewards.

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