How To Leave Dungeons In Palworld

Stuck inside the maze-like dungeon? Here are all the ways that you can use to leave them in Palworld.

Dungeons are the hub of resources in any game. They help you level up faster, collect Ancient Civilization Parts, Points, and let you capture different elements Alpha Pals. There are Pals that either only spawn in them, or hardly appear anywhere else. This makes the players curious and they sometimes enter the dungeons higher than their own level, thinking that they can exit anytime. However, they are like a maze, it is easy to get lost in them.

Spread across the map, you will encounter many mysterious black caves as you explore the Palpagos Islands. Sometimes, you attempt them all prepared to take down the regular opponents and leave after opening some chests, but get stuck as the way out is nowhere to be found. Understanding this all, we tried and found these ways you can use.

How to Exit Dungeons in Palworld

how to Exit Dungeons in Palworld
Image Credit: The AxeMan on YouTube

There are three ways to leave dungeons in Palworld. The first way is to track down the entrance that took you inside it and use it to exit. Since there is no mini-map or even tracker inside, this might be difficult, but if you are just planning to raid a few rooms, this should be your go-to plan.

All dungeons have at least one boss or Alpha Pal, the second way involves finding and defeating them. Tracking them can be hard, so I would recommend sticking to one side, for example, keep going on the left. This way you should reach the end room faster, rather than going around in the circle. The method might not work with all maps, as they are randomly generated, adding and removing rooms with resets.

After defeating the opponent, look for the room with a glowing crystal. There you will find some chests too. When you interact with the crystal, it will ask you if you want to leave the dungeon.

If both of these ways are not feasible for you, try our third method. Before entering, mark the entrance location on the map, and then respawn when you want to exit. You will find the items you had and collected outside the entrance.

That’s all you need to do to leave a dungeon in Palworld. For more, interesting and useful guides for the Palpagos Islands, check out our dedicated section.