Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Learn Elvish In DD2

Speak the language of the Elvles! Here’s how you can learn Elvish in Dragon’s Dogma 2 so that you can communicate with them.

While exploring the northwest region of Vernworth, you will come across an elf village called Sacred Arbor. You might also happen to encounter this location while completing the “Gift of the Bow” or the “A Trial of Archery” quests. However, you will soon realize that you aren’t able to fully understand what the NPCs here are saying. Therefore you will need to learn Elvish in Draon’s Dogma 2 if you want to translate everything that is being said to you.

Additionally, once you are able to understand their language, you can check and read about the different weapons and equipment that are available in Grisha’s Armory, which is a shop located in this region. If you need help with this, here are a few ways to learn the elf language.

How to Learn and Understand Elvish in Dragon’s Dogma 2

How To Learn And Understand Elvish In Dragon's Dogma 2
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As mentioned earlier, by learning the language of the elves you have encountered, you will be able to understand what they are telling you and you will also be able to purchase from their shop. There are two ways you can learn Elvish in Dragon’s Dogma 2, either by using the Woodland Wordsmith’s Tome on your Main Pawn or by recruiting a pawn with the Woodland Wordsmith specialization from the Rift. Here’s how you can carry out these processes.

How to Teach Elvish to Your Main Pawn in Dragon’s Dogma 2

How To Teach Elvish To Your Main Pawn In Dragon's Dogma 2
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If you want your Main Pawn to understand Elvish and translate it for you, you will have to get the Woodland Wordsmith’s Tome. To get this item, you will have to pick one of the elf NPCs residing in Scared Arbor and give them gifts for three days. Your main goal will be to gain affinity with the elf of your choice.

We would advise you to gift them ‘Bunch of Flowers‘ apart from the items you want to give them. On the fourth day, you can speak to them again and they will give you the Woodland Wordsmith’s Tome. You can then use this Tome to teach this specialization to your Main Pawn and start communicating with the elves.

How to Hire Pawn with Woodland Wordsmith Specialization in DD2

How To Get Hire Pawn With Woodland Wordsmith Specialization In DD2
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If this above-mentioned process is too time-consuming, you can recruit an Elvish-speaking Pawn. To do this, simply enter the Rift and look for the Pawn that has the specialization you need.

If your friend has a Pawn that has the specialization, you can use the Pawn ID feature to summon and recruit it. Once this Pawn is in your party, you will be able to easily understand and communicate with the elves.

That’s all you need to know about learning Elvish in Dragon’s Dogma 2. To know more about this game, you can also check out how to unlock the Trickster Vocation, Sorcerer Vocation, and Warrior Vocation in DD2.