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V Rising: Leandra The Shadow Priestess Location

Wondering where you can find Leandra the Shadow Priestess V Rising? This guide will help you know more about her location.

Leandra the Shadow Priestess is the V Blood in V Rising whose location you will need in order to get the structure of the Jewlcrafting table. She is the boss that upon defeat gives you its blueprints. But that isn’t all, when she loses she also drops you 3 other recipes and 1 power. So if you are interested to know more about them keep reading to learn the location of Leandra the Shadow Priestess in V Rising and where to find her.

Leandra the Shadow Priestess Location in V Rising


where to find leandra the shadow priestess in v rising and location

You can find Leandra the Shadow Priestess in this game in the northeastern part of the Dunley Farmlands, her location is near the Church of the Damned. This is how you can find her.

  1. Go and interact with the Blood Altar at your base or Castle.
  2. Next, select Leandra the Shadow Priestess and press the space bar key on your keyboard to start tracking her. You can also do that by selecting her and clicking on the Track Blood button.
  3. You will start seeing trails of blood that lead you to her.
  4. Head to where this trail leads, and you should reach the Church of the Damned to find Leandra near it.


Thanks to Map Genie for their interactive map.

Leandra the Shadow Priestess Drops

Once you defeat Leandra the Shadow Priestess she will drop you the following rewards.


  • Recipes:
    • Scourge Pendant
    • Scourgestone
    • Skeleton Priest
  • Structures:
    • Jewlcrafting Table
  • Powers:
    • Spectral Assassin

That covers this guide on the location of Leandra the Shadow Priestess and where to find her. In case you missed out on some previous or other bosses then check out the locations of Nicholaus the Fallen, Foulrot the Soultaker, Vincent the Frostbringer, and Beatrice the Tailor. You should also check our V Rising section to get help with several different topics on boss guides, resources & their locations, and more.