Forza Horizon 5 Launch Control: How To Do & Use It

Here's how to do & use Launch Control in Forza Horizon 5 using manual and automatic gear transmission.

Using launch control in FH5 is one of the best ways to get the upper hand at the start of any race. This is especially useful in a drag race, where how you accelerate at the start of the race can determine if you are the winner or not. Using launch control in Forza Horizon 5 helps you to deliver high power to your wheels and gearbox and start without any burnouts or losing traction. So today let’s look at how to do & use Launch Control in Forza Horizon 5.

How to Launch Control Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 Launch Control Automatic

To do and use Launch Control in Forza Horizon 5, follow the below steps:

  1. Use either manual transmission or clutch + manual transmission.
  2. This can be changed in the “Difficulty & Settings” option in FH5.
  3. Now while stationary, hold both brake and accelerator.
  4. Your car will be still but your rev will go up and lock in place.
  5. Now let go of your break to use Launch Control in FH5.
  6. Sometimes this doesn’t work, but it’s easy to rectify.
  7. Now all you have to do is same both brake and accelerator.
  8. Now you need to change gear, to 2nd.
  9. Then bring it back to 1st gear.
  10. Now you will see the launch control has kicked in, and your rev meter is going up again.

How to Launch Control with Automatic Gear Transmission

You can also launch control with some automatic cars in Forza Horizon 5. Here’s how:

  • In automatic gear, make sure the car is stationary.
  • Hold both brake and accelerator.
  • Now use put in reverse and then back to 1st gear by slightly letting go of the LT button.
  • Now hold down the accelerator and brake.
  • Let go of the brake to get the automatic launch control in FH5.
  • This will take some practice to get used to.
  • So don’t give up and keep trying, you will be able to do this.

That’s everything you need to know about how to do and use launch control in FH5. While you are here, check out our other FH5 guides like how to play with friendsthe 10 best cars in FH5the Fastest cars, and the Best Infinite AFK Money Glitch (after Goliath Patch).