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Lost Oasis Survival Guide – 10 Best Tips That Will Make You A Pro

Explore, Gather, Survive & Conquer

Learn how to survive in the Last Oasis? Available for early access on steam, this game brings out the fun of exploration and stealing. Last Oasis is a survival MMO game, your mobile base is Walkers. A kind of walking ship that is used to explore the open world. To survive gathering items like food and water is important. With this, you have to save yourself from pirates who will loot your valuables. Crafting is also a vital element of the Last Oasis game, and to expand your inventory you can trade with other players.

In simple terms, Last Oasis brings mix elements of survival, open-world exploration and PvP battle with other players to defend territory. In this Last Oasis guide you will learn important survival tips, common mistakes you must avoid at the start and some pro tips to become a conqueror. Consider as a starter manual that focuses on helping out new as well existing player to understand the major aspects of Last Oasis.

Last Oasis you are not allowed to settle down. Keep running to survive the scorching heat as well as gather resources, craft, trade, and battle. In the PvP environment, other players are always on the verge of stealing your items as well throw you out of the game. Securing hard-earned loot is another pain that you earn after hours of exploration. This does not mean the game is too tough to handle, with few tips in this guide you can survive well, explore to gather more items as well shield your items from looting.

Last Oasis is set in a nomadic environment, Walkers are kinetic powered vehicles that run on wind. If the wings are destroyed you are stuck. Last Oasis is more than a regular multiplayer game, it is ideal for those who want hours of exploration, enjoy crafting and conquering. There is still a lot to learn and this guide will help you.

Last Oasis Starter Tips and Tricks

Starting from the basic, here is a short overview of what really is the Last Oasis. What are the core gameplay of this game and major tips and tricks to survive.

1. What is Last Oasis?

Last Oasis is a Nomadic Survival MMO after Earth stopped moving the last survivors have to outrun the sun in the massive open world. Riding a wooden wind-powered machine called as Walkers, you can customize the structure and attachments as well as upgrade it. Walkers are like movable mobile base, altering it to adapt for travel, the ship is used for harvesting and combat also.

2. Finish the first Quest?

Once you are done with Character Customization you will spawn in Cradle. The very first zone in Last Oasis, explore this region and gather resources. It is necessary to complete all starting tutorials that will teach you everything about the Last Oasis. Do not jump into the danger region, there is a lot of tutorial quest in Cradle. Learn everything about gathering resources, managing inventory, crafting, etc.

3. Most Important Resources?

Wood, Fiber, Stone, and Water are four important resources to focus more on. Craft Beat Stick before going on any exploration, the stick will help you to harvest Cactus Flesh from Cactus plant to get Essence of Life. Consuming it will increase the water level in your body. Cooking Cactus in your walker will give you more water than eating it. To craft Beat, Stick collects 7 Wood and 5 Fiber. Collect wood from sticks around the ground and fiber from bushes. Use the Crafting Menu to craft Beat Stick. Cactus plant is around the Cradle.


  1. Pickaxe: Collect stone. Crafting with wood and stone.
  2. Sickle: Harvest Fiber, Aloe Vera and Cattail.
  3. Axes: Harvest wood and a weapon in melee combat. Craft it using 8 Stone and 1 Wood Shaft.

4. What is Sand Bed?

Sand Bed is a respawned point in The Last Oasis. This is where you will begin and respawn back after dying. You can unlock the respawn point by crafting Sand Bed Recipe. It is under the Construction tree section of the Skill tree, unlock cost is 25 Fiber.

5. Unlock the Skill Tree

To unlock the Skill tree in the Last Oasis play quest where you have to retrieve Fragments. It is a necessary element to unlock the Skill Tree. Skill three has five categories, Vitamins, Equipment, Crafting, Construction, and Walkers. After completing the quest you can access the tree for upgrades. For example Walker Fragment, is a massive wooden structure you can collect by pressing F.

6. How PvP Works?

Lats Oasis puts everyone on one ground, there is no PvE server for this game. When you are in, then others are also a part of this game. That is why understand how PvP works is necessary or else be ready to die often. Players are allowed to carry melee and long ranged weapon, this means you can attack others anytime. You will also be prone to incoming attacks, so improving melee combat is crucial. We had a guide that will help you in understand how PvP works in Last Oasis.

7. Upgrade your Walker

Walkers are movable ship, and it will grow in size upon upgrade. You can customize your walker, add attachments and use some cool upgrades to make it a better transport vehicle. You can place a crafting station inside the Walker, allowing you to craft important items on the go. Walkers can also hold campfires, crafting stations, gear, resources and beds. Your First Walker “FireFly” will be unlocked via a quest. Always build your Walker in a isolated or hidden location, you are most vulnerable during this period. Other players can raid you and loot all your resources.

Firefly Walker Crafting Receipe:

  • 110 Wood
  • 100 Fiber
  • 15 Stone
  • 7 Wood & 1 Fiber for Walker Legs

Wind power Walker can run on auto-pilot. Move it in a direction and then press H. It will keep on moving on its own, you can move around on the base. To empty sand from your Walker just move around in the green area.  If you are chased by pirates, retract your wings. This will slow down your Walker, but make hard for others to bard on your ship. Also protect your Walker Wings from getting damage.

8. What are the types of Crafting Station?

There are different types of Crafting Stations in the Last Oasis. Below is the list along with info and what you can do with them.

  1. Early Crafting Stations: Unlocked at the start offers you to craft items, cook meat and extract water. Commonly found in the Last Oasis.
  2. Campfire: Cook Cactus Flesh, Extract Water, Craft Vitamins and other useful items. Requires wood as fuel. Crafting cost is 16 Woods, 11 Fibers and 5 Stone.
  3. Stomping Station: Produces water without fuel. An simple source of regular water supply.
  4. Wood Station: Craft Wood Shafts, unlock harvesting tools, repair important tools and weapons.
  5. Fiber Station: :Produces Fire from Rupu Pelts. Also used for crafting Fiber Weave and Ropes.

9. How to Trade?

Trading is also an integral part of the Last Oasis, a platform where you can exchange items. Trading Station are located on different places, they are random and safe zones. No one is going to attack you here, for 15 minutes. Do not wait for long, here you can buy items from other players.

10. Play with friends

Last Oasis features a two player co-op mode, you can add a friend to your Walker and build a stronger base. It is also fun to raid other people when you have someone with you. There are also clans in the game.

We will add more tips to help you in playing the Last Oasis game. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting GamerTweak.com.