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Tips on how PvP Works In Last Oasis?

You will face other players often in the game, this is what you have to do if you encounter some of them.

Last Oasis has a common server for PvE and for PvP. Which means you will bump into another players and unnecessarily land into a fight. While exploring the deserted region ample of time you have to face other players. This is not a friend zone, other player means competition and they will try to loot your stuff. So here is a an Last Oasis guide on how PvP works in the game. What do if you are encounter other players regular. Here are some cool survival tips.

How PvP Works in Last Oasis?

PvP battles will be common in Last Oasis, because of a common server you will need weapons to survive. Also it is necessary to learn how to heal yourself during the battles. The choice of weapons plays a big role on your survival. It is necessary to pick the right weapon at the start of the game, or else you could be a easy target.

How to deal with other players in Last Oasis?

For Close Combat there are four important attributes to focus on in Last Oasis. They are Damage, Mobility, Stamina and Health.

  • Damage: Your Melee Damage ratio, enemies can die quicker, and better damage means more stamina.
  • Mobility: Overall movement power of your walking and running.
  • Stamina: Used for attacking or blocking, necessary for close combat.
  • Health: Your only survival stats, more points more you live.

Do not forget to unlock hook, it will help you to escape enemies instantly. Using the hook you can chase your enemies or get away from them by jumping on the ship. After completing a quest in the start you will unlock a few good skills also.

Armor features Damage, Health Level and Speed Modifier. Good armor block blows and reduce damage in Last Oasis. An vital upgrade for your Hero, picking a good armor will amplify your strength. An essential part of your character for defense.

How to heal in PvP?

Some players will be equipped with long ranged weapons. To deal with this heal fast, using bandages. So carry enough  bandages, and use them to heal your character during the battle. Respawn time is 60 seconds after death.