Where To Find Large And Huge Frozen Eggs In Palworld

Here’s where you should look for the Huge and Large Frozen Eggs in Palworld.

To be honest, finding a Large Frozen Egg in Palworld is more difficult than finding a Large Electric Egg. I mean, there is literally no definite location on the Palpagos Island where a Frozen Egg spawns. Its location is completely randomized which means that you will have to explore the map to find one. However, this process can take so long and it also does not guarantee you the egg. This is exactly why we are here to help you out.

In this guide, we will tell the location where you can find a Huge or Large Frozen Egg in Palworld. This will save you plenty of time and energy. So let’s get started.

Best Places to Find Huge or Large Frozen Eggs in Palworld

It is pretty obvious that a Frozen Egg can be found in areas with low temperatures. So the best place to find a Large Frozen Egg in Palworld is definitely in the north, near the Astral Mountain. You can use a Flying Mount to scout for this Egg in this area. I am not saying to stop searching for it in the other areas, but a Huge or Large Frozen Egg is more likely to spawn in cold areas.

Where to Find the Large Frozen Egg in Palworld
Large Frozen Egg near the Cold Shores Fast Travel Point. Image Credits to WoW Quests

The most favorable location to find a Large Frozen Egg is near the Cold Shore fast travel point. You should look for it on the cliff near the ocean. Aside from this, another way to get a Large Frozen Egg is by breeding male and female Ice-type Pals. The type of Egg you will get depends on the rarity of the Pals.

How to Hatch a Frozen Egg in Palworld

To hatch a Frozen Egg in Palworld, you will need an Incubator. This is a level 7 Technology so you will have to spend some Ancient Technology Points to unlock it. Once you have unlocked it, it will require x10 Paldium Fragment, x5 Cloth, and x30 Stone to build and install it on your base. After building the Incubator, you can place the Frozen Egg in it and wait for the hatching to complete.

You can expect the following Pals to be born from the egg:

  • Large Frozen Egg
    • Penking
    • Sweepa
    • Foxcicle
    • Vanwyrm Cryst
    • Sibelyx
    • Cryolinx
    • Reptyro Cryst
    • Wumpo
  • Huge Frozen Egg
    • Kingpaca Cryst
    • Mammorest Cryst

That’s all there is to know about the Large Frozen Egg in Palworld. For more information like this, check out our dedicated section for Palworld Guides on Gamer Tweak.