Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily Locations, Shop, Farm Route

Here’s where to find and farm this Ascension material for a 5-star Hydro Archon.

If you want to ascend Furina, you will need the location of Lakelight Lily, one of the materials needed. It’s a local specialty that can be found in Fontaine. However, if you want a farming route or a place to buy the item directly, we’ve got you covered.

Knowing where to find Lakelight Lily, how to use it, and its respawn times is crucial, and this guide will address all of these aspects.

Lakelight Lily Locations and Farming Route

You must visit one region to collect all 79 Lakelight Lilies, and your farming route can begin from Foggy Forest Path > Weeping Willow of the Lake > Loch Urania. There are a few more scattered nearby, as you can see in the map below, and they’re all available above ground in the form of glowing blue flowers.

Lakelight Lily Respawn Time

Lakelight Lilies have a two-day respawn time (48 hours), so keep this in mind while farming this material. If you want to ascend Furina soon, it’s best to farm all 79 in one day and buy the rest to increase the count.

Where to Buy Lakelight Lily (Shop)

To buy 15 Lakelight Lilies, you can head to Pahsiv’s shop in Loch Urania. But remember that it won’t be available until you complete the Wild Fairy of Erinnyes World Quest. You can initiate this quest by investigating the Stone Tablet at Marcotte Station within Fontaine. There’s another option to trigger this quest chain, and that’s by investigating the underwater altar below the Wilting Weeping Willow.

Once you have unlocked Pahsiv’s Shop, which is present in a cave at the top of the Loch Urania lake (as shown below), you can access all items, including x1 Lakelight Lily (limit is 15) in exchange for 2 Tidalga, a floating algae.

pahsiv shop location genshin impact
Screenshot via Hoyolab’s interactive map (Pahsiv Shop location on map)

Players can collect Tidalga underwater across Fontaine. Here’s a map that has all the locations you can visit.

lakelight lilies farming route
Screenshot via Hoyolab’s interactive map

Other materials in Pahsiv’s Shop are Transoceanic Pearl, Bird Egg, Fish, Fowl, Crab, Mora, and Spring of the First Dewdrop.

Important Note: Items from Pahsiv’s Shop don’t refresh, so once you buy them, there won’t be any more stock.

What is Lakelight Lily used for?

Lakelight Lily is an ascension material that you can use for Furina (as of now). She needs 168 Lilies, but you can only get 79 via Farming and 15 by purchasing from the shop. Since the respawn time is two days, you will need three days to farm Lakelight Lily in Genshin Impact and get Furina to full ascension.

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