Lost Ark – How To Get Ladybug Mount?

Here's our guide on how to get Ladybug mount in Lost Ark.

As you proceed through your journey in Arkesia, you will unlock and equip many of the companions on your way. Mounts are used as a way to travel around the regions in Lost Ark. Unlike pets that are used to collect loot and train, mounts have a sole purpose to traverse. Based on their rarities, mounts can vary by skill and speed. These mounts can be in the form of animals, creatures, clouds, wagons, or even insects like Ladybugs. So, here’s our guide on how to get Ladybug mount in Lost Ark.

How to get Ladybug Mount in Lost Ark?

  • You will unlock world quests upon clearing all of your story quests in Luttera.
  • Now, that you have unlocked world quests, the first island you will encounter is Tortoyk.
  • Complete the story quests and different objectives on this continent.
  • As you go on to complete the story quests, you will unlock a side quest in Sweetwater Farm.
  • This quest is Keep Farm from Harm. You will have to complete some tasks and talk to Mokamoka.
  • After a brief conversation with Mokamoka, he will thank you for your help and reward you with three ladybugs along with other rewards. The three ladybugs you will receive are as follows:
    • Red Ladybug
    • Azure Ladybug
    • Yellow Ladybug
lost ark get ladybug mount
Image Source – Game Guides Channel on YouTube.
  • To ride any of the three, you will first have to register them.
  • Go to your inventory to register them into Mounts inventory.
  • Then, Press Alt+ V or head over to the bottom right Guides option to open your Mounts Inventory.
  • Select the ladybug mount and press on the Ride option.

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All three of the ladybug mounts are an uncommon rarity with a speed of 450. These three ladybug mounts do not possess any other skills like other mounts. And you can neither dismantle nor sell these mounts.

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